Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Do You Filo?

Welcome to the final day of previews!  I hope you've enjoyed seeing all the projects featuring our new images thus far.  Wanted to thank Kerry for all her help and awesome projects!  Thanks Kerry!

And make sure you check out all the featured Zodiac projects... I'm continuously floored by all the creativeness that goes on using our Chinese animals.  Thanks to Laura, Eunice, and Patti for working so hard all year!

And how can I forget Debi, Eva and Linda!  Don't forget to check out their stuff and Linda's You Tube channel.  She's giving away goodies too, so don't miss out on another opportunity to win!

That being said... wanted to share my final project for this release.  Actually, it not only features our turtle set, but I also included some old favorites in my project!  If you are on You Tube, you may have stumbled on all the filofax craze!  I admit... the first time I saw all the hype, I thought, isn't that just another planner?  Why would you want a regular planner when you can use your smartphone?  As I started watching more and more of those videos, I started to understand why it was catching on again.  I remember having planners while in school and even up to a few years ago.  But gave them up when I got my iphone... now that there's all kinds of FUN stuff to decorate your filofax, I'm back on the bandwagon and loving it.  (much thanks to Nadine Tx, OhaiJoy, and Lfundoo for enabling... Bwahahahaha!).  

So the "authentic" type is made by Filofax, but I didn't really want to spend the money on something I wasn't sure I'd be that into.  So I just got a plain one from my Office Max, and I must say I'm pretty happy with it.  Now I understand the washi tape craze too!  OMG, if you aren't decorating your planner, you gotta try it using all your tapes, stickers, and stamps!

Which brings me to my project.  It's actually a present for my sister. She's coming to visit soon, so I thought this would be a fun present for her.  Instead of a Filofax, I got the BoBunny binder and calendar inserts.  The papers are already cute, so I didn't have to add much except our images to personalize it.  The first page I wanted to share features our turtle set from this release.  I love how it has a To Do section, Notes section and a Don't Forget section.  I think this one also has a pocket, so you can stick in tags and other note.

Here's a better look at our turtle friends.. "Beep Beep"

Here's the other pages- see Yoshimi?

Here's a better look...

And here's Ayako! I think I chose her for this page since sh'e holding an umbrella.

 And can't forget Daba!!!

Otsu had to make an appearance too...

Do you like this next layout?  I had fun hand drawing the kite string..

 And since we don't have any Halloween images (yet- hint hint Denise!).. I colored up Miyoko in her best fall attire and gave her a pumpkin by Dandelion Designs (Hi Jean!).

And finally, Santa rounds out December.  Couldn't have a planner without Setsuna right?

 And here he is...

It was so hard choosing which images I wanted to use in the planner.  Hope you decide to start using regular planners again and decorate them with our images!

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  1. I have not heard of the Filofax-craze here in Holland, but who knows it will be here soon...hahaha.
    I like the one you made for your sister.
    Yesterday I received my stamps of Otsu and Miyoko, now I need to try them out ofcourse after seeing yours with another great idea :o)

  2. Wow!!! Your sister will no doubt be floored when she receives her amazing planner, embellished with all her own adorable art. Thanks for the inspiration...this would make wonderful gifts for the holidays!

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  4. IMPRESSIVE! Wow, that's a lot of work and I'm sure your sister will love it!

  5. Yay! love your sister's planner! I love all those youtube ladies you mentioned:) I got into the planner craze too. I don't use the filofax but I do use a planner similar to the filofax. And I've started decorating it and I've gotten a bunch of cutie post it notes to use inside. And every time I watch Nadine I find more cute post it's and paper clips I have to have for my planner! Love how you put stamped images in the planner, I'll have to try that:) Tfs!!

  6. Oh my goodness, this is genius and what an awesome idea!!! Love love love it!

  7. Amazing! Beautiful coloring on all images.

  8. What a lovely planner! Your sister will love it! This is a great idea ~ I've bought planners in the past, but after a few months I stop using them ... if I decorate one with the Sister Stamps I may be more inclined to using it through the whole year - just love all the cute stamps!!! TFS!

  9. What a neat project! Now, if only I can find the time to do something like this! :)

  10. OMG you decorated the Filo Perfectly!!!! How fun too!

  11. Wow, I am seeing a lot of the filo planners now, but this is just adorable! Love the clean look of your pages, you've left plenty of space to actually use it. :) hugs, Kimberly

  12. this is so cute! i really like the idea of a planner plus smash book kind of thing. i keep a planner and it's nice to look back to see what you did but it would be nice to add photos and crafty stuff too.

  13. Awesome project Jenny! You're sister is going to love it. I love that you added the SS images to make the planner cuter than it already is. Reminds me of those Japanese (HK) or other cutesie planners we grew up with as kids. Thanks for sharing!!