Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Miyono Notepad

Woo Hoo.. only one more day! It's almost here! I really can't wait to see what everyone does with their new stamps.

Don't forget to check out Mama's and Debi's creations for today! You won't want to miss out on all the great ideas and inspiration they come up with.

I have another non-card project today. Saw these jr. legal notepads sitting on my desk collecting dust, so I thought I would decorate one using Miyono. Remember how I told you I had only a few layouts that I turn to all the time? Well this is one of them. Long strip on one side and circle w/image inside overlapping it. Sad yah? I guess I should check out those sketch blogs for more ideas.

Anyway, picked up this washi paper while in Honolulu at the last Rubber Stamp Expo. I must say, it was pretty interesting eavesdropping on customers as they chatted about Sister Stamps. I learned a lot that day and am grateful to get such honest, candid feedback.

Back to the project. You probably can't see from this photo since the watermark is blocking it, but I did stamp the Hero Arts Kanji Poem on the left side of Miyono and dusted it with gold mica powder. Border punch is by ek Success and flowers are by All Natural Accents and Wild Orchid Crafts.

Here's a close up of Miyono. The image was a little too large for this Spellbinder die, so I used the out-of-the-box method of cutting out an image that would normally get cut off by your die. Check out this tutorial if you don't know what I'm referring to.

Be back tomorrow with one more project to share.. Oh yah, and today is your last chance to enter into our giveaway! Please remember to follow our blog publicly so we can confirm you are a follower. Good Luck! We'll be announcing the winners within the next couple days.

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Getting Witchy

Two days and counting! Did you get a chance to see the samples on Debi's and Mama's blogs yesterday? I was blown away by their projects!! If you haven't checked them out yet, you won't want to miss out on their creations.

Ok, I don't always think outside the box when it comes to layouts or themes. In fact, you will notice that many of my cards often have the same layout cause I get hooked on it and can't visualize anything else. So this card was a real accomplishment for me!

As I was thinking about Yoko one day during my lunch break, it suddenly came to me that I could have something else dangling from her fishing pole... but what? Then the creative juices started working and I thought...I know.. she could be dangling a ghost from her pole! Then I thought, it didn't have to be a ghost, but practically any Halloweenish thing. Then I thought... I should make her look like a witch!? The challenge was finding a witch hat, which of course makes you a witch. So I searched through all my dies and found an old Sizzix die that had a witch hat, broom and shoes. The hat was a little big, but with proper placement, I think it worked out Ok. Added the bat to her pole and a few more bat accents (punch by Martha Stewart Crafts). To give the card some color, I added in a couple pumpkin Spellbinders. Finished off the card with the spiderweb boarder punch (my fave) and Happy Halloween sentiment (Island Scrapbooking).

Here's a close up of Yoko the witch. Can you think of other ways to use our images? If so, I'd love to hear what you've come up with! Or better yet, send me the link to your creation!

Don't forget to visit Debi's blog and Mama's blog to see what they came up with!

Monday, August 29, 2011

Nobu Treat Bag

Are you ready for some fun? The countdown has begun and you only have to wait 3 more days to get your hands on the new releases! How exciting no? Well, to tide you over until you can get them, I have a surprise for you... My CBFF (crafting BFF) Debi will be sharing a few samples using our new images on her blog AND we have a special GUEST DESIGNER this month who will also be joining us for this release. Click here to see who it is...

And now for my project. Decided to make a treat bag today instead of a regular card. Recently picked up this cool die by Papertrey Ink and wanted to try it out. Since the design was not too girly, I decided to use Nobu on it. Love love love this paper by Creative Imaginations as it uses one of my favorite color combos- light green and light blue in an asian theme!

Still practicing that hair. BTW... our Guest Designer has been a major hair influence on me! I think you know by now right? If not, go back to that link and check out who our mystery designer is.

Don't forget, you still have a few more days to enter our blog candy! Go back to our introduction posts for 4 chances to win! Good Luck and see you right here tomorrow!

Sunday, August 28, 2011

I Hope You Dance

I'm sure all of you have heard that song "I Hope You Dance" by Lee Ann Womack. That song came out awhile ago, but whenever I hear it, I always think of my mom. Once when this song was playing on the radio, she told me how much she liked this song and how it's everything she's ever wanted for us (her kids). While telling me about this, she starts crying (oh yah, that's another thing about my mom... she gets caught up in the moment and will cry uncontrollably). I guess I never gave it that much thought until I actually sat down and listened to the words. Now that I have a daughter, I understand what she meant.

OK back to the card... the reason why I brought up that song is because this card reminds me of that song. I guess its cause Aunty embossed the word "Dance" on the flowers... Or maybe its cause she used the Miyono stamp? Either way, it reminds me of that song, which reminds me of mom. Miyono does look like she's ready for the obon right? But I'm pretty sure that's not the kind of dancing my mom was hoping we'd do. hee hee. I know, I know, its just the concept.. thought I'd throw in a little joke to lighten the mood.

By the way- love the DP she used (by Creative Imaginations). Alphabet stencil is by American Traditions. Thanks Aunty for all the great samples! Check in tomorrow for a SURPRISE!

Saturday, August 27, 2011

Be Happy Everyday!

I was thrilled to see this card in the stack from Aunty. True story... I was at a local craft store with Aunty one day and we were looking at samples. I pointed one out to her with the same look as the bamboo in this card (American Traditional Stencils) and told her how much I liked it. She looked at me and said (very humbly I might add), that she made that card and that she actually taught a class on how to do it! But when she told me that it involved stencils, I cringed since I'm not really a stencil fan. After giving it some thought, I asked Aunty if she would teach me how to do this technique anyway.

So on another visit home, she came to my mom's and brought all her supplies, and taught me how to do this technique. It really wasn't that hard, so I'm not sure why I hesitated so much, but believe me... my card did not come out as nice as her's did. So, I leave this to her and pray she gives me cards using this technique. I guess that all that praying worked cause now I have one! Thanks Aunty! I like the sentiment on this card cause this card makes me Be Happy Everyday! (Hero Arts)

Got one more Aunty Jan card to share tomorrow so stop by to check it out!

Friday, August 26, 2011

Aunty Ayako

It's Aloha Friday! Finally! Man, these non-furlough weeks are killing me! Time to celebrate by sharing another card using Aunty Ayako. Aunty didn't know I was going to name a stamp after her and she was so happy when she found out that it was this one. She said this one was one of her favorites.

I love that washi paper she used! Its so perfect with the parasols in the background. Again, she cut out a Spellbinder and used the negative image to create a frame for Ayako. Mental note to me- try using this technique in upcoming cards.
Here's a close up of Ayako. Can you see all the little flowers she added as accents? Yet another thing I probably wouldn't have thought of doing. Man, I gotta take notes already!

Can you believe you have less than a week to enter our blog candy giveaways! Make sure you did to be eligible! I'm throwing in some other goodies too, but its a surprise.

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Good Luck Yoko

Happy Thursday! Oooh, just realized that in exactly one week, you'll be able to pick up your new Sister Stamps! Woo Hoo! I can barely contain myself! I am anxious to share a surprise next week with you and also see what you all come up with with our new images.
Here's another Release 2 card to share with you by Aunty. She kept this one clean and simple... just my style! Sometimes all you need is something simple to say what you want to say. Yoko is great for simple cards since she is larger than our other images and fills up most of the A2 sized card.
Aunty added a "good luck" sentiment by Savvy Stamps. Ok, I'm not up to speed on Japanese culture and history, but I'm pretty certain that the crane has something to do with luck. Don't we all fold crane after crane for weddings, Yakudoshi's and other celebrations? I guess I'd better go look that up before everyone comments about me being wrong. Hee hee hee.

See ya tomorrow with another card!

Wednesday, August 24, 2011


Received a whole bunch of samples in the mail today from Aunty. I just love getting fun mail! Here's one of the cards she sent... Its Miyono-chan dancing in the middle of a Spellbinder frame. I love how she used the negative image to frame Miyono. I never remember to do that and always end up just mounting my image directly onto the die cut. I'll have to remember to use that technique in the future.

I think its really cool that she included fans in this card. I've received comments on Miyono that she looks like she should be holding a fan. I guess Aunty felt the same way and added in some small fan accents. I love her attention to details as I would probably not remember to decorate the fan itself. I think she even inked up the fan to give it some depth and dimension. You can't really tell from this photo, but the fans are embossed (Dreamweaver stencil).

Check back tomorrow for another creation by Aunty. Don't forget to enter into our blog candy(s) on each introduction post! There's still time to enter before the deadline!

Monday, August 22, 2011

And Finally... Miyono!

I found out that Miyono is a very uncommon name. I tried searching Japanese names and couldn't find it. I think my Grandparents made it up when they named my mom. I like it because its unique, just like my mom. I don't know how she does it, but my mom can start up a conversation with anyone. I mean anyone! She can be in line at a store, on the bus or on the plane and she'll make friends. In fact, she asked me to bring back cookies from the Big Island to give to her friend who rides the bus... someone she met on her ride to work. She also made friends on the plane ride over to Hilo when she came by herself. By the end of the flight, she knew all about the person's family, where they were from, where they worked, etc.

I like this stamp because she is easy to color and easy to cut out! You will like working with her, just as everyone loves working with my mom! As my mom gets older, she has uncovered her inner child and now has an affection for cute things such as Hello Kitty (I think that's where I got it from!) and BLING! I don't remember my mom really wearing anything with bling on it until she got older. Now she loves it! So since Miyono is named after her, I thought I'd throw in a little bling on this card just for her.

Here's a close up of Miyono... I'm still practicing that hair!

Here's your last chance to win our new release candy. If you didn't already enter the other 3 candies, don't forget to do so by 8/31/11 11:59pm HST. You need to post a comment on each post to be eligible for each stamp. We will pull a winner from each of the 4 image introduction post, so there are more chances to win. Don't forget to post a comment on THIS post for your chance to win Miyono. Oh, and tell me something about your mom!

Good Luck! And check back soon for more surprises!

  • Miyono stamp- Sister Stamps
  • Washi paper- Hanko Designs
  • flowers- Wild Orchid Crafts
  • Cardstock- Bazzil
  • Crystal flourish- Prima

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Here Comes Nobu!

Hooray! Our first boy image is finally here! Yes, we have our first boy all because of you! On one of our first posts, we asked you what you wanted to see from us and the response was overwhelming! So my sister got to work and produced more y chromosomes just for you. Nobu is the first of our boys and was not originally planned for our 2nd release, but we couldn't wait to introduce him to you, so I slipped him in.

Nobu is named after my only nephew- or "Baby Z" as his Mommy calls him. Its funny, cause whenever I picture someone named Nobu, I picture an old Japanese man, not a toddler. Baby Z was actually named after Grandpa K., so I guess it is a name from an older generation. This image is so fun and carefree, kinda like Baby Z. I like how my sister put that toy in his hand. Did you ever have that drum toy? It looks like the one from Karate Kid 2 (ok if you don't know what I'm referring to, please go netflix that movie and then come back and finish reading this post).
Here's a close up of Nobu. I've been studying the hair on Mei Lin from the card that Mama gave to me. I'm slowly figuring it out, but not quite there yet. This is the first time I'm coloring up Nobu and it was so much fun! Its nice that his hair is short and not so time consuming as some long hair can be. He is making me hungry for some Tomoe Ame candy or Tomoe Arare!

Don't forget to leave a comment on THIS POST for a chance to win Nobu. In addition to the regular rules listed on the Ayako post, tell us what other types of boy images you would want to see.

  • Nobu stamp- Sister Stamps
  • Washi paper- from Japan
  • Circle die- Spellbinders
  • Cardstock- Bazzil
  • Dew Drops

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Pocket Lady

Hi Bloggers,
OK- since no one so far knows what Pocket Lady is. I guess our school was the only one that had such a thing? Anyway, dug up some old photos from my daughter's 1st b-day party. Aunty Arleen agreed to be our Pocket Lady that day. Borrowed the Pocket Lady smock/apron from my BFF Les, who used it for her nephew's 1st birthday. We were both amused that no one else knew what Pocket Lady was but us.

As you can see, the smock has a lot of pockets sewn onto it. The idea is Pocket Lady has goodies hiding in each pocket, kids give her a scrip and can pick which pocket they want the prize from. Prizes are normally small toys or snacks that are not gender specific. They were normally junk toys, but we were happy to get anything. For the record, these pockets were huge! I don't remember Pocket Lady's pockets being so big. I also remember her having a lot more pockets to choose from, but you get the jist.

When my friend Les used it for their party, she said they had one Pocket Lady for kids and one for adults. Adults got those mini bottles of booze- Maybe that's why they needed the pockets so big? Better not get those two Pocket Ladies mixed up huh?

Here's Aunty Pocket Lady with my niece. I think it was the perfect thing for kids that attended- since most were about 1-2 years old, so we had to think of stuff that they could do. Instead of a clown (which I'm deathly afraid of) or magician, we did our own small games and activities. In addition to Pocket Lady, we had a fishing game, decorate a frame and get your photo taken, and filling your party hat with pennies (Checkers and Pogo anyone?).

So now you know what Pocket Lady is? :) I just couldn't let you go another day in suspense! Ha ha ha! Check by Thursday to meet another of our new releases.

Monday, August 15, 2011

Meet Yoko...

Hi Everyone! Are you enjoying the sneak peeks so far? I have another gal for you to meet and she's not the girly girl type. Meet Yoko- she's named after my sister-in-law, who is the only girl I know who enjoys fishing. I know there's more of you out there, but she's the only one I'm related to. Guess its in her blood.

Instead of catching fish, Yoko is busy playing with an origami crane. I'm not sure why, but this reminds me of those fishing games we used to play as a child at our school's fun fair. I think they are now called carnival day, but when I was a small kid, it was called fun fair. Since we are on the subject... I just want to know... was our school the only one that had a pocket lady???? I find that really hard to believe, but I found out when planning my daughter's 1st birthday that no one else knew what the pocket lady was. If you know what that is- please let me know. I'm dying to find out if it existed beyond Enchanted Lake Elementary. (Les and Laura- I know you guys know).

OK back to the card... Here's a close up of Yoko... and for those of you who know a bit about Japanese names, you might think Yoko means "beautiful child", which it does, but in this case I found out from my mother-in-law that the kanji used in my sister-in-law's name means "ocean", so her name Yoko means "Ocean child". How perfect is that? I knew there was a reason I picked this stamp for her name!

So now that you've read through this incredibly long post, you deserve a reward! How's about a little candy? Look at the post about Ayako for more details on the rules, but post your comment to enter on THIS post for your chance to win Yoko. Oh- and tell me if you know what Pocket Lady is! Remember, everytime we introduce a new image for this 2nd release, that's another chance for you to win one of our stamps! Good Luck!

  • Yoko stamp- Sister Stamps
  • Flowers- All Natural Accents and Prima
  • Dies- Spellbinders
  • Cardstock- Bazzil
  • Washi paper- from Japan

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Introducing... Ayako!

About a year ago, I asked my dear sis to draw some images for me, so that I could make some calendars or other unique crafts to sell at craft fairs. She obliged and came up with some really cute stuff! Ayako was one of the first images she sent me, and I fell in love with her from the moment I saw her. Ayako is actually my Aunty Jan's middle name. We are very very close and very much alike. We both share the love of crafting amongst other things and I can normally count on her to go craft shopping with me when I'm in town. She's even helped me make some samples using Sister Stamps images that I've shared with you on previous posts. Thanks Aunty- you're the best!

I decided to make an easel card using Ayako as the focal point. I love how our stamps fit pretty well in Spellbinder dies, which were used here. I added some flowers to accent.. just love that new spray I got from Wild Orchid Crafts! The other flowers are from All Natural Accents.

Here's a better look at Ayako...

And here's the easel card when it's open. The washi paper I used was the color inspiration for this card. I always feel that a little bit of washi goes a long way, so I only cut a small strip and used it as an accent. I guess the color scheme was somewhat valentine-y, so I went with a heart shaped sentiment to prop up the easel. You can't really see it but the sentiment says "Konnichiwa" which was part of that Konnichiwa set by My Cute Stamps. I love how our stamps work with other asian sets on the market. I bought that Konnichiwa set when they were offering to make a donation to the Japan Earthquake Relief Fund earlier this year.

OK everyone... its Candy time! Here's the rules for all candy giveaways during this 2nd release. Thought we'd spread the love a bit this time and offer up a chance to win each image individually so there are more chances to win!

  1. Become a follower on this blog if you aren't already. We will confirm if you are a follower or not, so please follow publicly to be eligible.
  2. Only one entry per person please. If you post more than once by accident, we will only enter you once.
  3. Post a comment on THIS POST by August 31, 2011 11:59pm HST. For chances to win the other stamps, post on EACH introduction post.
  4. Spread the word (not required but appreciated)!
  5. Tell us about other images you would like to see. (Again, no guarantees... all I can do is pass the word...)

Check in soon to meet the rest of the new releases!

  • Ayako stamp- Sister Stamps
  • Heart Punches- EK Success
  • Washi paper- Hanko Designs
  • Cardstock- Bazzil
  • Square and Lacey square dies- Spellbinders
  • Flowers- All Natural Accents and Wild Orchid Crafts

Monday, August 8, 2011

2nd Release Images Revealed...

Hooray! Its time to show you our 2nd release images!! I know a lot of you have already seen 3 of the 4 new releases either on my personal blog or on local retailer blogs, but I thought we should do an official reveal here on the Sister Stamps blog....

I told you there would be a surprise! Yes, it's a boy! You asked, we listened. In fact, my sis got very inspired by all the comments left during our last release, and went right to work on some boy images. (That's right, I said images... plural).

Along with our boy-san, we have three little girls that you've been waiting for! Stay tuned for introductions and samples using our new releases! We have some other surprises along the way so check back for all the fun!

Monday, August 1, 2011

Release #2- Coming Soon!

Hi Everyone! We are gearing up for our 2nd Release and have some surprises for you! Can you guess what we have in store? Keep checking our blog throughout the month for updates on our new releases!