Saturday, August 27, 2011

Be Happy Everyday!

I was thrilled to see this card in the stack from Aunty. True story... I was at a local craft store with Aunty one day and we were looking at samples. I pointed one out to her with the same look as the bamboo in this card (American Traditional Stencils) and told her how much I liked it. She looked at me and said (very humbly I might add), that she made that card and that she actually taught a class on how to do it! But when she told me that it involved stencils, I cringed since I'm not really a stencil fan. After giving it some thought, I asked Aunty if she would teach me how to do this technique anyway.

So on another visit home, she came to my mom's and brought all her supplies, and taught me how to do this technique. It really wasn't that hard, so I'm not sure why I hesitated so much, but believe me... my card did not come out as nice as her's did. So, I leave this to her and pray she gives me cards using this technique. I guess that all that praying worked cause now I have one! Thanks Aunty! I like the sentiment on this card cause this card makes me Be Happy Everyday! (Hero Arts)

Got one more Aunty Jan card to share tomorrow so stop by to check it out!


  1. Very nice. I love all your images. TFS.


  2. Hello there~
    Here's my 2nd time leaving a comment, I left one early this morning and I hopped on over and it's been deleted. It's like the third time this has happened...
    Anyhoo, I enjoy all the images and Aunty does a beautiful job on all her cards..

  3. The stenciled bamboo background makes such a perfect complement to Nobu and his taiko toy! Aunty's stenciling technique is more thing to add to my growing list of things I'd like to learn. Does she teach her class on Oahu?