Monday, October 27, 2014

Release #26- November 1, 2014

Phew!  Finally made it to a Starbucks (thank you Starbucks!) to do some of my posts!  As mentioned in an earlier post, I'm offline right now at my house, so my posting schedule may be somewhat irregular.  Thanking you in advance for your patience in this matter!! :)

So, I can finally share our new images with you!  Yay!

We are very excited to share these two new girl images with you!  Please check back throughout the week for introductory posts, project shares, guest designers and other surprises!  See ya soon!


  1. Love Mitsuyo! She looks so happy and that crane is lovely!

  2. they are so sweet! love the movement in these!

  3. Love this new release. Ai-chan is so cute and she reminds me of Emi!

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