Monday, July 25, 2011

A Card From Eunice...

Have you ever visited Eunice's blog? If not, please check it out since she has some wonderful creations. I'm constantly inspired by her creations as they are so detail oriented. I can literally spend days looking at her work. This beauty was mailed to me this past week. I honestly couldn't believe she would give this card away! I think if I worked as hard as she did on this card I'd have keep it! I feel so lucky to be the recipient.

I love how she used both Kiyomi and Mei Lin on the same card. I keep forgetting to try that!

Here's the really really cool thing about this card... Love how the tri fold card has circles that line up! I'm pretty sure she did that on her cricut since she is cricut master.

Thank you Eunice for such a pretty card. I will keep this in my Sister Stamps treasure box to remind me of our first blog candy giveaway.


  1. Too too cute, gorgeous card!

  2. Eunice is da bomb.... very artistic in her cardmaking... you go girl!

  3. Super cute and so creative!! Eunice rocks! :)

  4. Great card by Eunice! Love the dimension!