Monday, November 14, 2011

Magnetic Personality

So I saw this idea for a mini magnetic board at Cute Stuff on one of my Oahu adventures. They sell these 6x6 metal sheets at the store and have them especially cut. Now I wish I didn't tell you since you'll probably buy up my supply!

Decided to cover some of them using washi paper and what images go better with washi than ours? Oh yes, let's talk about the washi for a minute... I have a weakness for washi paper. I brought back so much on my trip to Japan that I had to hand carry it on the plane since it didn't fit in my suitcase! Each print is very special to me and I hate cutting up a nice full sheet of washi, but I told myself that no one is enjoying it when it just sits in my office/craft room, so I should use it right? I shouldn't hoard right? OK- so I finally cut some and thought that this project would be good to use it on since its likely that the recipient wouldn't throw it away. This thought made me feel better about using it on my project. Sick, I know. Besides, I need to make room for more washi right? hee hee hee...

So I punched some holes and added some grommits and ribbon. Then it was time to decorate. Since this washi is so sweet and pretty on its own, I decided to keep it simple and just add in Ayako. I chose her since she looks like she's using her umbrella to protect her from the shower of sakura.

Oh yah, added in some magnets made by mounting some marbles on them. Don't know if you can see, but I glued mini sakura laser cuts by Island Scrapbooking under the marbles since that's the only think I could find that fits.

I have a few more magnetic boards to share using Sister Stamps so check in soon.


  1. So cute! And it's PINK! I love it! and I <3 pink. :)

  2. This is so cute and would make great holiday gifts. Now I just to find where to get these magnetically sheets on the mainland! What type of adhesive did you use to adhere the washi to the metal?

  3. Fabulous idea!! and adorable too! Love the pretty washi paper... all the way from Japan? wow! Have a great week! ;)