Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Store Samples and Candy Winners!

Phew!  Did you have fun with this release?  Hope you enjoyed all the samples by the DT and myself.  I have one last sample to share with you today... Normally I try to include a sample for each store that carries our stamps.  Well, look how much our business has grown!  And this isn't all of them- just the Hawaii stores- the mainland cards were already shipped by the time I got a photo taken.  Now you know why I'm so busy right?

Went with a gatefold card this time and went to town with all my new washi paper!  Like I've said... I've been collecting boy type washi in anticipation for this release, so I thought.. I'd better use it now!  Some were from Hanko, some from the Paper Source, some from Heiko, and some from Island Scrapbooking- sorry I don't know the name of the new company they brought in, but when I find out, I'll update.

And on to the winners...

Katsura winner:  Thanh Vo

Yoshi winner:  Jes

Kenichi winner:  Jazzmom

Congratulations to all!  And thank you to everyone else who entered!  Winners, please email me at sisterstampsllc@gmail.com.


  1. Wow Jenny!! You have been a busy bee!! Where do you find the time?! You rock! Awesome new release. You asked, we answered and you & Denice delivered! So awesome!!
    Congrats to the winners!

  2. The gatefold cards are beautiful! I envy the stores that get your samples!
    & Thank you!!!! I look forward to Kenichi's arrival!

  3. Great job on the gatefold cards! This new release is so cool! Congrats to all the winners! ;)

  4. yep, you're one busy SISTER!!! hehehe! the samples are fantastic and the washi really makes Yoshi stand out! =)

    congrats to the winners!! you'll DEFINITELY enjoy this release.... especially if you have a boy(s)... =)

  5. Wowza, those samples are gorgeous!!! Congrats winners!

  6. I love your stamps! Bought a few from Ace stores this side of BI. Where is nearest Michaels, on mainland, yeah? Don't get my blood pressure too high LOL! Best wishes- Rosy chan