Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Meet Our New Buddies

Hi folks!  Back today with the other half of our new release.  Today we are featuring our new Buddies image.  Since we had BFF's, we had to throw in something for the boys right?  Since boy's don't typically hug or hold hands, we thought it would be more fun to have them playing together.  After brainstorming a few ideas, we came up with leapfrog!  I remember playing leapfrog as a kid and how much fun that was.  Now I look back on those days and wonder to myself how I ever leaped over anyone!  Ha ha ha!

This was the other card Aunty Jan sent me for this release.  She actually cut out the title from Sizzix Retro Metro alphabet dies.  I love the little details of bakers twine tied to the B and the froggy eyelet used to dot the "i".   My favorite part of this card, with the exception of the Buddies themselves (of course), is the sentiment!  Aunty tells me that this sentiment is a Hero Arts stamp.  I gotta see if I can find that one.  It's so perfect for both of our images for this release!  I especially love how she lightly colored the background blue behind the sentiment.

Here's a closer look at our buddies...

And the title...don't forget the froggy eyelet!

And don't forget the froggy.. he's so cute.

Time for more candy!  Do you want to win this stamp?  Well, just follow the same rules from yesterday's introductory post and tell me what you look for in a friend!  As for me?  Hmmmm.... someone who's honest, easy to talk to, thinks the same way as me, is NOT a drama queen, and who loves to craft!  Not asking for much right?   Don't forget to post by Friday 11:59pm HST.  And check in tomorrow to find out who our Guest Designer is for this release!


  1. This reminds me of my two older boys when they were little, and the frogs they would catch at the pond by our house.
    The frog brad is just too cute!

  2. this is super cute too! how about a stamp with boys punching and kicking each other? hahaha. sometimes i think my boys will end up doing that while they scream and yell at each other. yeah, a low maintenance person who likes to craft, who is loyal and dependable sounds like a good friend.

  3. the boys look like so adorable! love that big smile!! A friend is someone that is there for you, through thick and thin! Wouldn't hurt if they like to craft too! LOL! ;D

  4. Aunty Jan did a fantastic job on this card! Love all the little touches/embellishments! xoxo, Kimmie

  5. Love this new stamp - it will come in handy as my whole family is all boys!
    I look for honesty and compassion in friends.

  6. Beautiful card!Love that she added that froggy eyelet and love that sentiment. Too cute!

  7. I second you on the friend characteristics! This cute stamp reminds me of my little boys. Another stamp I cannot pass up!

  8. Your Aunty Jan creates such adorable cards! I have 2 boys (adults now) who may have had their share of disagreements, but have always helped each other out. The stamp reminds me of them when they were little; playing together.

    I appreciate people who truly care about others & not just themselves.

  9. Stamps for little boys' cards are so hard to find - but this stamp is perfect! Love Aunty Jan's card and all of her small touches. A friend...hmmm...I guess that would be someone who accepts me as I am and lets me be me. :)