Friday, January 31, 2014

Live, Love, Smile!

Woo Hoo!  We made it to the last day of previews!  Before I start on my project, wanted to thank my DT girls for all their hard work and help for this release!  Please give them some love:

One of the highlights and pretty much the main purpose of our trip to LA was to attend Prima ArtVenture!  It was a 2 day event consisting of 6 3-hour classes taught by Prima Educators from around the world!!!!  I couldn't contain myself!  I was pretty star struck from our first class. Our instructor was the Limor Webber!  She regularly teaches on Live with Prima and travels around the world teaching.  Lucky I was with Linda, who is much friendlier that me.  She wasn't shy about giving the instructors our omiyage or asking to take pictures.  Here's Linda with Limor...

So I got brave and asked her for a photo too.  She's a tiny little thing!  I was the same height as her!

This is how I knew I liked Limor....

She totally photo bombed us!  LOL!  Before things got too hectic, we took a photo of the project in her class.  I was afraid of taking that thing back on the plane with me.  Amazing yah?  She is a true magician.

Limor told us to not put on the objects that were too high if we are traveling.  So I only did about half my project in class.  This is what I came home with.  I put it in my hand carry for safe keeping... in bubble wrap that is...

So you are probably wondering why I'm talking so much about Limor's class?  Well, this is how I ended up finishing my project!!

I've never had so much fun gluing flowers to a project before!  The best tip she gave us was to butcher your flowers.  (Gasp!)  But it really is a great way to stretch your products.

My next photo features Minako in a polariod.    I adhered some acetate to the back of the polaroid and then glued some butterflies to it.  Makes them look like they are flying.  Then added in some floral sprays I got from Downtown LA.

Here's a shot to show you the depth and dimension of the project.

At the front corner of the book, I applied inka gold to one of my Prima wood veneers so that it would match my project. Never did that before so had fun playing with the inka gold.

That white alien looking flower was also from Downtown LA. The rest of the flowers are by Prima (of course).  I applied gesso to them to give them a shabbier distressed look.
And included Harumi too!  Colored up that Love wood veneer with more inka gold.

 And couldn't leave out Misaki right?  Cut up some acetate and adhered the sparrows to them to make them look like they are flying.

And did the same to the Martha Stewart Butterflies.  Another Bona must have.

And at the other corner of the book, the last wood veneer colored up in Inka gold.

Here's another shot of the entire project.

 Hope I did Limor proud!  Can you believe even with all the stuff I put on this project, I had tons of leftovers from this class!

Well, tomorrow is release day!  Yay!  Don't forget to enter to win our blog candy.. you have till 11:59pm HST tonight to leave a comment.  Good Luck!


  1. Beautiful project - I love the colors that you used. I especially like Minako in the polaroid frame!

  2. Gorgeous project featuring all your beautiful little girls! You are so talented and creative, Jenny!

  3. HOOOOOO, what an amazing project. I'm floored. No need to enter me in the drawing. I really love the new release.

  4. WOW, this is sooooo beautiful! I love it!!!

  5. You did an awesome job! It's beautiful! And your trip seems like it was so much fun! I watched Linda's hauls and you guys got did some serious shopping! That's what I call a vacation! Hahaha

  6. Oh my word! That is gorgeous! I love how you incorporated Sister Stamps into the Prima project!

  7. OMG, you definitely did Limor proud! Love your project to bits Jenny!!!

  8. OMG that book is freakin adorbs!