Saturday, February 28, 2015

It's Release Day!

Oops!  Guess I forgot to take photos of my samples before I gave it away  Shoots.  Oh well, you'll just have to watch my video.

Before we get to that, please go check out our Design Team's projects! They came up with such cute stuff yesterday and I'm dying to see what they made today!

I'll be announcing the winners soon so please check back again for that.

And.. I gotta say, I really enjoyed reading all your comments!  Love to hear what you all love about Hawaii and what your favorite Hawaiian music is!  That really inspired me and my hubby to download a bunch of old school Hawaiian music.  I think my favorite group is Ka'au Crater Boys.. just because.  Ho'aikane is also so fun to listen to. Reminds me of living in the dorms at UH,  Remember the song Jenny and her Sista?  LOL!  People used to sing that when I walked in the room.  Aaaah, good times.  If you have never heard of these groups, check it out on YouTube, we found a lot of music there and were listening all night!

Hopefully I can download my video!  If not, please visit my Sister Stamps Channel here:


  1. Hey! Congrats on another wonderful release of cute stamps!!
    I love all the Hawaiian music, just wish when I stream em they stay online! hahaha! Ok heading to YT to check out the last project. Have a great Saturday!!

  2. Congrats on another super cute release of stamps! My hubby and I love Hawaiian music. Every time Keali'i Reichel and Na Leo are on the mainland we attend their concerts. We feel that HI music is very relaxing to listen to. I'll have to listen to the groups that you mentioned on YouTube.

  3. I love ka'au crater boys too but I've never heard of the other one! I gotta check it out!! I love Hawaiian music!! 😊

  4. Oh my love these images. Both of them remind me of home. I would love to listen to some Kapena (Old School) and Iz... Love all their songs. TFS... Hugs!!