Friday, May 24, 2013

Meet Eliana

Hi Everybody!

So you are probably wondering why we have some non-asian stamps for you this release?  Well, every once in awhile, me and my sister talk shop and discuss what type of images we want to release next.  Then she goes to town on those ideas and we see what she comes up with.  She's been talking about doing up some mermaids for awhile now, so I told her to give it a shot and we'll decide if we want to release them or not.  Once I laid my eyes on these cuties, I knew we had to release them to the world so everyone out there can enjoy them too.

Our first mermaid is Eliana...  As some of you may already know, my sister lives in Italy with her Italian husband.  He has a sister and two young nieces... For some reason, when I saw the mermaids, I totally thought of them!  My sister helped me to pick out which mermaids matched each girl.  We decided that this girl matched Eliana's personality the best, so that's how she got her name.  Eliana is a sweet but shy little girl and this mermaid seems on the shy side, so I thought it was a perfect fit.

Speaking of mermaids... my daughter is....

Don't get me wrong... when we first put her in the water, she HATED IT!!!!  Totally tensed up and would sink like a rock if we weren't holding her.  She cried all through her IPAP (infant and parent) swim classes as a baby, etc.   Since we live on an island, I pushed the issue and FORCED her to take private lessons since she was so scared to death of the water.  After the private lessons.. she turned into a fish!  If your child is scared to death of the water, I highly recommend one on one private lessons before group lessons.  Now we can't pry her from the water!

I decided to make a layout using a photo from Akemi's birthday a few years ago.  In Hilo, there aren't good beaches- lots and lots of rock... but there is a place where you can rent beach houses that have great access to the water.  Calm enough for letting kids swim and the turtles even swim into the area along with other sea critters.  Someone brought a raft and the kids took turns on top of it.

Before adding the photo, I laid down some cheesecloth for texture.  I like that it looks like an net.  Then I added some Prima flowers, acrylic flowers and beaded sprays to the side of the photo, along with Eliana.  Also found some Recollections bling in my stash and added that too.

Here's a closer look at all the goodies...

Every once in awhile I have the need to do a layout the old fashioned way!

So you know the drill right?  If you would like to win Eliana:
1.  Leave a comment on THIS POST by 05/31/13 11:59 HST.
2.  Tell me if you know if you love to swim or not... I like to swim but I'm more of pool person.  Yeah.. boo on me for living in Hawaii yah?


  1. Sooo cool that SS is "testing the waters" with other types of images. (hehe) Your sis did a wonderful job (AGAIN) with this mermaid and her name is beautiful.
    Love this layout. I'm so not a scrapbooker, but I can appreciate those that are. Love the colors you chose and the beautiful accents. Definitely under the sea fun.
    I have a really good friend who's as much a fish and Akemi! She can be in the water for hours and only come in for food. lol. As for me, I like the beach, but like you I'd rather swim in a pool. hahaha!
    Great first day Jenny!! I'm sure these will be a big hit!
    Have a great day and looking forward to the next few days of previews!

  2. Oh I am Super Excited about this release!!! I LOVE mermaids!! She is Super cute too!!! I love the beach but would rather swim in a pool. I live behind our community pool. I live not near a beach. I used to when I was younger. My dad was stationed at Myrtle Beach AFB in Myrtle Beach, SC. Had lots of fun at the beach!!! Have a wonderful weekend!!! Hugs, Heidi

  3. This layout is perfect---love the mermaid, the cheesecloth, the flowers and the bling, but most of all the adorable mermaid. I love swimming, especially in the ocean.

  4. OMG... I love the mermaid and your amazing scrapbook layout!!! and Yes, I love love love the water! Someday we would like to live closer to a real beach but for now we are content with living next to a big river and lake.

  5. She is a lovely little mermaid! I live along the Gulf of Mexico, and love to snorkel and swim. :) hugs, Kimberly

  6. Great layout, Jenny! Love the colors! This is also good timing since Eliana's birthday is this coming Sunday!
    Denise & Guido (the Italian husband)

  7. Eliana is adorable! Your layout is beautiful. I like the cheesecloth; what a clever idea! It really does look like netting.
    I love the beach ... but like you, I prefer to swim in a pool; where I can see the bottom & anything else swimming in it! ;D

  8. So cute! I love the water, especially in Hawaii!

  9. These mermaids are very cute! I LOVE swimming in the ocean in Hawaii! That's all that my husband and I do there when we visit. We go searching for the best snorkeling spots! I can't believe you prefer the pool over ocean! You are so lucky to have such beautiful and warm water nearby!

  10. she's adorable! pretty layout! i like to go to the beach, but i must say i'm not the best swimmer. i can definitely tread water if i have to. hehe. much aloha, steph :)

  11. Love, love, love this collection of mermaids. I love to swim, though I've never looked anywhere as cute as Eliana while doing so! :)

  12. What a great idea to have 3 mermaids as part of the Sister Stamp collection. To me this release does have an Asian spin to it since the mermaids' eyes to me look Asian. The layout that you made with your daughter turned out great. I know how to swim, but can't really say that I love it or not. If we have a chance to go swimming I am fine with it, but if not it's no big deal.

  13. So cute!

    You know, considering I live in Hawaii and I'm an Aquarius, you'd think I like water. I don't hate it, but I'm not a beach bum. I just don't like swimming in places I can't see the bottom (who knows what might be down there?!). I'll take the pool. :)

  14. I love seeing your sister branch out a bit with these beautiful mermaids, they are amazing! :)
    That page you scrapped of your daughter is beautiful, I really like the cluster of embellishments around the photo.

    I've always loved to swim and growing up on a massive, gorgeous glacier made lake it is all I do in the summer. I've never swam in the ocean though... all the critters in it make me nervous. :)

  15. This is my favorite of the beautiful mermaids. So cute! Love the flower in her hair.

    Yes, I like to swin. I taught myself how to swim as an adult. I feel safer swimming in a pool, but still prefer the sea.

  16. What a cute mermaid!
    I love to swim, I go to the swimming pool several times a week, I don't live near the sea but I do like swimming in the sea too when I'm on holidays...