Monday, May 27, 2013

The Golden Pig

And now it's time for our next Chinese Zodiac releases!  As you know, we are releasing all of the Chinese Zodiac characters this year.  By the end of 2013, we will have the complete set available.  Animals colored in are available now.

I recently discovered that within our family, we have someone in almost every sign of the Chinese Zodiac!  Since I had previously made a mini scrapbook page found here... I thought I could make a scrapbook using all of the images!  

The next in our series is the Pig/Boar... The last time it was the year of the boar, my nephew was born. He lucked out and came in at the tail end of the lunar year and made it in as a GOLDEN pig.  Apparently this lucky year only comes around every 600 years?  Check out this article...

My nephew was recently crowned May Day King at his pre-school's May Day program.  How does one get to be May Day King at pre-school?  We found out it was because he has been at that pre-school the longest.  Guess he is lucky and GOLDEN!  So I named this layout... "Golden Boy". I have a feeling this boy will be one lucky pig.

I didn't think I could color up the pig with gold markers, so I decided to heat emboss it onto gold cardstock.

Kept the layout simple using just a strip of washi and added the word golden in the same gold cardstock.  It was cut using a PTI alphabet die set.  The "boy" was done using Simple Stories alphabet stickers.  And that little mizuhiki was purchased in Japan from my last trip.

That's all for now... stop by tomorrow for more Zodiac fun!

Oops!!! Forgot to add in about our blog candy!  Duh...  Guess I was rushing again...
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2) Tell me if you believe in the Chinese Zodiac predictions...


  1. Aww, so cute! I love pic of your son too:) Great idea, heat embossing the gold cardstock!

  2. Awe Fabulous layout of your nephew!!! The pig is cute!!!! I almost got a teacup pig for mothers day. I dont really follow the Chinese zodiac. Sorry.

  3. There are characteristics that seem to match the individual as well as combinations for relationships (any type) I guess I'd have to say that I believe in the Chinese zodiac :-D

  4. This little piggy is a real cutie and I'm sure he will be joining my rooster as they both work great for farm themed cards as well.

    I do follow both the Chinese and western horoscopes... I'm a snake and a scorpio... yipes! ;)

  5. I do believe in the Chinese zodiac predictions. So far mine for this year is pretty spot on! Plus I'm a Pig...wish I was a Golden Pig though :)

  6. Oh this piggy is so cute! I'm not sure I believe the Chinese Zodiac predictions, but I really enjoy reading them and finding similarities with people I know. :)

  7. The new stamps are super cute!

    No, not really.

  8. Cute pig! I do not believe in any zodiac prediction, but it is sure fun to read them anyway (for the daily horoscope, I like to read it at the end of the day to see how far I can stretch the events to make them match the prediction...)

  9. I love this pig- he's so cute. I have twin nephews who are born in the year of the golden pig as well! We are big believers in the Chinese zodiac as our whole family is Chinese!

  10. Piggy! So cute!!! I believe in the predictions to a point. I don't let them determine how I live my life, but it's fun to keep in mind.

  11. Congrats to your nephew!
    I don't know if I fully believe in the Chinese Zodiac predictions, but a lot of our traits do seem to match up with our respective symbol!