Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Year of the Snake

Woo Hoo!  We made it to Release #10!  Amazing!  This release is special since it kicks off our Chinese Zodiac collection.  As explained yesterday, we are releasing two of the animals in the Chinese Zodiac every couple of months.

Here's the release schedule:
12/01/12:  Snake, Horse
02/01/13:  Sheep, Monkey
04/01/13:  Rooster, Dog
06/01/13:  Pig, Rat
08/01/13:  Ox, Tiger
10/01/13:  Rabbit, Dragon

If you are not familiar with the Chinese Zodiac, you can read the history behind the legend here..  It describes the order in which the 12 animals fall in the zodiac. If you snoop around this site, you will also find characteristics about those who are born in the year of each animal.  It is quite interesting and entertaining.  If you are new to this, you will want to take a few minutes to find out what year you were born and see if your personality fits the description of the animal.

Along with each animal are the 5 different elements:  water, fire, earth, wood, and metal.  These elements give one additional traits that then separate those within a group of animal even further.  For example, a metal snake might behave differently from a wood snake.

Our family regularly analyzes the personalities in our family and how it correlates to their sign.  My sister and brother read up on this a lot and are constantly telling me what signs they are compatible with, if its going to be a good year for you, etc.  As for me, I take the whole zodiac thing with a grain of salt, but I do like the animals and the story behind it.

So we start off the release with the Snake since 2013 is the year of the water snake.  It just so happens to be my sister's year as well!  She tried her best to make the snake cute since she says that they are always ugly and evil looking.  I laugh because I feel like my sign is the ugliest, but I guess everyone feels that way about their own.  Luckily, it appears that my sister and I have compatible signs!  She is a snake and I am an ox, which are supposedly compatible.

Today I have a special project to share that I received from Aunty Jan.  She and I both had calendars on the brain when it came to projects for this release!  I'll share my project later this week.

Aunty started with a bamboo mon stencil used for the background.  It might be hard to see because she used a light yellow/brown color so that it created a subtle background.  The 2013 was cut from the Sizzix Endless Love alphabet/numbers set out of gold paper.  She printed "Year of the Snake" along with "Wise, Passionate, and Profound" on the computer and stamped the kanji for snake (Designs in Squares) next to it.  The mini calendar was mounted on lavendar cardstock, and then on gold.  She colored the snake and cut him out and popped him up using pop dots.  She used glitter for some sparkle on the snake.

I just love her design!  I think I'm going to be a little selfish and keep this one for my desk at work! Thank you Aunty!

Wow- this turned out to be a long post!  Now I know the real reason you're here right?  The chance to win some blog candy!?  OK here's how you can enter to win your very own snake stamp:

1.  Leave me a comment on THIS POST (amended to include deadline) by Friday, 11/30/12, 11:59pm HST.
2.  In your comment, tell me what your chinese zodiac sign is.
3.  Tell me if your sign is compatible with the snake!

See you tomorrow with our next introductory post!


  1. Aww, she did a wonderful job (as always). Love the calendar idea and the accents to make the snake stand out are cool. Way to go Aunty Jan!!
    Your sis did a wonderful job making them all cute, even the snake.
    I'm year of the pig and it looks like I'm not compatible with a snake or monkey. But like you, I take it with a grain of salt. Working for a Chinese run company I can't let that get to me. :)
    Please don't count me in the drawing, I just wanted to come by and let you know how cute this is!!
    Have a great day!

  2. Very cute calender. I am the year of the Dog. I am compatible with the Horse and Tiger. Love the floating snowflakes on here too! lol Hugs!!

  3. The calendar is adorable. I love the snake! I am born in the year of the snake. I am very compatible with other snake. Haven't tested that out yet!

  4. Sooooo Darn Cute!!!!
    LOVE it!!!
    Great Job with the new release also cannot wait for all to be in my

  5. Woo hoo, 2013 is my year since I'm a snake. My mom and my second nephew are also snakes! What's not to love about all of these super cute animals- love the snake - so cute! Great calendar, I might have to borrow the idea :-)

  6. Very cute calendar.
    The rooster and ox are compatible with the snake. The pig and monkey are NOT compatible with the snake. I am a tiger and my husband is a horse. We are compatible.

  7. i love the calendar! it's so pretty! and what a coincidence, i'm an ox too! and my daughter is a snake! but i'll see if we're really compatible when she's a teenager. i'm supposedly compatible with my 2 other kids too.

  8. Lovely calendar ... I am the Year of the Sheep/Goat. Looking up the elements; I am a Wood Sheep. I am neither compatible nor incompatible with the snake.
    I, too, take this with a grain of salt & lots of laughs ~ It says I am compatible with rabbits & pigs; but not with the ox (LOL!) ... However, I'm sure that if we actually met, we would be good friends! :)

  9. I'm a dragon (aww, that means I have to wait almost an entire year for my stamp - but oh my gosh the dragon and the rabbit are screamin' cute). This week I definitely can relate to the Dragons "feeling exhausted"! I'm neither compatible nor incompatible with the snake.

  10. I'm the year of the Rooster. Facts about the year of the Roster. People born in the year of the rooster are very blunt and honest. They speak their mind openly. They are social butterflies and love to be the center of attention. Being organized and neat is a huge part of a rooster-born person's personality. You can always trust a rooster and count on them to be loyal. They do suffer from stress because they tend to be a bit high strung and eccentric. Very true. I always take pride on always doing an outstanding job, I intent to use lots of energy for a job well done. People born under the year of the ox or snake are a rooster's best bet. They are overprotective of their children and can be strict. Bad manners won't be tolerated under a rooster's watch.So that means the year of the Snake I'm compatible with. Love the calendar.

  11. Love your calendar....way cute!
    I am the year of the dog....very loyal.
    I am neither, compatible or not to the snake.

    Thanks for sharing your idea with us.


  12. Such darling images, and great projects this week! I'm a dragon, which isn't compatible or incompatible with the snake.

  13. I'm a tiger and the snake isn't listed as compatible or non-compatible.
    These zodiac animals are really cute and can definitely be used in a non-zodiac way. I must be patient to get my family's signs. We are tigers, a dragon and a rat.
    I also love the calendar. I'd keep it for myself, too!