Thursday, April 25, 2013

Meet Li-Li!

Hi Stampers!  Can't believe it's time for our next release!  So excited to bring you some new images that have been in the works for awhile now.  The next image in our kids with pets series is Li-Li!  Li-Li has been hanging out waiting for her turn to be released for quite some time now, and her turn has finally arrived!

As a kid, I was drawn to pandas... not really sure why I liked them but I recall liking them more than your average bear.  Pandas were not that popular when I was growing up, so I was happy to see them become popular now!  

I was so happy to receive this image from my sis!  Doesn't every girl want her very own panda?  Since this cutie is dressed in Chinese clothes, I decided to give her a Chinese name.  Hmmmm... already named two images after my nieces, so those names were out.  Then it donned on me that my sister-in-law who is Chinese must have a Chinese name right?  So I asked her what her Chinese name is.... to my surprise, her Chinese name is actually her American name!  I totally did not know that "Lilly" was the American version of her real name which is Li-Li.  Love it!  And that's how Li-Li got her name...

Now that you know a little bit more about how Li-Li got her name.. on to the project!  I am still on my You Tube addiction and stumbled on Bona's (Live Love Scrap) innovative use of Tim Holtz dies, or any dies for that matter!  Now when I first saw this "Tick Tock" die by Tim Holtz, I thought to myself... who would want that die?  For one thing, it's big.  Only good for scrapbook layouts.  Secondly, what would I do with an alarm clock?  Then I saw Bona's project that turned the alarm clock into a shaker/shadowbox!  She's so smart yah?  Thanks Bona for all the inspiration!

So I finally got my hands on that alarm clock die and came up with this shaker...

In order to accomplish the deep shaker, I cut multiple layers of chipboard using the Tick Tock die.  Then adhered them together and sealing it off with some acetate.  Before closing it up, I added in some cherry blossoms from Wild Orchid Crafts, gold dew drops and an asian coin from my stash.   The background paper used was from the Graphic 45 Bird Song collection- totally my favorite of the set!

Here's a closer look at Li-Li...

It's giveaway time!!!!  Isn't that the funnest (is that a word) part about our introductions?  Here's the deets:
1.  Leave a comment on THIS POST by 04/30/13 11:59 HST.
2.  Share any innovative way you've used dies or other tools to make a project!  I love hearing new ideas!

Check in tomorrow for more Release #13 fun!


  1. I love how you name your stamps after members of your family ... it's interesting to hear the stories behind the names of each stamp.
    Li-Li is so cute holding her little panda! I love the shaker box ~ it turned out well!
    I've only used dies to cut out something for a scrapbook layout; never for something as crafty as your clock!

  2. Eeks! I love this- she is so cute holding that panda! Would be perfect for my niece she carries around a little stuffed panda everywhere she goes!

    I plan on using my dies to make some decorations for my son's FIRST birthday party!

  3. Love the name and so happy to see a panda. More pandas please! I'm sooo uncreative when it comes to my dies. Besides, I'm more of a collector, than a user, lol.

  4. hahaha!! Super cute! Aww, she is going to be a lovely addition to my SS stash. Especially cause she's got a panda friend with her. I love this idea! Now I have to find that die! Thanks for enabling!
    I pretty much use dies for all my projects. I know once I made a purse out of one of them, but never anything so cool as this! TFS

  5. OMG... what an awesome project and that stamp is so dang cute! Another must have stamp!

    I love dies! I cut tme out of fabric and use Heat and Stick on the back of the fabric, and iron them onto clothes and canvas bags all the time! Makes them so much more personnal!

  6. My daughter's name is LeAnn & her nickname was Li-Li. This stamp is so sweet.

  7. AWE this is very Adorable!!! love her Panda!! I love using dies on my cards and to make decorations at Christmas!!

  8. Li-Li is so very cute!! and her sweet panda friend too!
    My favorite way to use die cuts is to make them into tags or small treat boxes. Your shadow box is so awesome! ;D

  9. Oh my goodness this is so cute! I'm so not innovative, so I usually use my tools as intended.

  10. Li-Li is just the cutest! Love this stamp and your clock project. I'm still a novice stamper, so I haven't used my punches or dies in an innovative or creative way - so I'm hoping to get some great ideas from your blog postings! :)

  11. Dang! Love the look of this shaker alarm clock! You da queen!

  12. This stamp is so cute, it reminds me of my sister, who loves pandas and has a bunch of panda stuffed animals. I'm afraid I'm new to the die cut thing. The only die cuts I've really used are the ones for cuttlekids to make the little animals.

  13. So dee li-li ciously sweet! Thanks for your creations!

  14. Aww, she's such a cutie! And love her name:) I haven't used a die other than on cards! Oh man, I need to step it up,lol! I just love the way your shaker clock came out!