Monday, July 29, 2013


Yay!  It's time to see what all of our DT has come up with!  I'm very excited!! But, before I get started on my project, wanted to reveal who our Guest Designer is for this release!!  This lady has been following us from the beginning and has made some really cute samples using our images.  To find out who it is, check out her blog here...

I have another announcement to make!  Linda will be joining Debi, Eva, and me on a regular basis from now on!  Yay!  Thanks Linda!  So don't forget to check out everyone's posts to see how they used our new sea creatures.

I wanted to do something a little different this time.  Decided to mix up the sets a bit to see how well they work together.  That plastic package comes pre-cut and already had that polka dot print on it.  The colors and dot print reminded me of the ocean, so I thought it would be perfect to use with my new friends.

I cut my own flag and made it using a bamboo skewer.  Used some thickers for the sentiment.  My husband thinks that it's funny how I spell Yay.  Is that incorrect?  Oh well, I just spell it how I say it!

I added one of the turtles and the starfish to the flag. The stafish looks like he's saying "Yay!".

On the package itself, I added the puffer fish and one of the dolphins.  I hear the puffer fish is quickly becoming a favorite.

Here you can see the puffer fish up close.

I have a funny puffer fish story for you.  (I just thought of it while I was writing up the rest of this post).  When me and my husband went to Japan for the first time.. we thought about all the things we wanted to do, see, and eat.   One of the things my husband wanted to try was Fugu or blowfish.  I guess you have to clean it really good, otherwise the person eating it can get very sick.  Just before we went on our trip, my husband told me he had a dream about the fugu...

He dreamt we went to a restaurant that served fugu and he ordered it.  Just as he was putting it to his mouth, the sushi chef came running out and saying "no, no, no, no, no... don't eat!".   We took that as a sign not to try it.  So even on our second trip, he still has not tried the fugu.. but I made him take a picture of them- there's tanks outside of all the restaurants that serve them.

Sorry, just had to share the one puffer fish story I had. :)

Don't forget to check out our guest designer and the rest of the DT!  Be back tomorrow!

SORRY!  Forgot to add that you really really should check out Linda's You Tube Channel today... jus' sayin'.


  1. I think your project is adorable and so is your puffer fish and your puffer fish story!! I wouldn't eat it either with a dream like that! LOL

  2. Your treat box is so cute!!! You were right not to try the fugu, I really don't see why eating should be so dangerous with all those other yummy options we have!

  3. I'm glad you did not try the fugu; my understanding is that if not prepared properly, eating it could be fatal! Why take that risk? ... However, your little puffer fish is quite adorable.

  4. such a cute little treat! i think i spell yay like that too. is there any other way?

  5. I am a little late getting to this blog but I have seen everyone elses today!!! OMG what Fabulous creations by all using the new release stamps!! I love how Kerry's card moves too! My youngest daughter was bummed there was no video to watch to see it move. lol I told her just scroll thru the pictures fast on her blog and it looks like it's moving! lol Ya she wasn' t going for that! Off to watch the YouTube video! hugs,Heidi

  6. Super cute little treat bag! I love that you used most of the images from each set. Totally cool. Glad you folks didn't try the fugu, cause it can be fatal if not prepared correctly. Love the new images, they will go great with the mermaids. :D

  7. Hey that is one cute treat bag/box...I really like how the little oceans friends look like they're swimming amongst the treats in their little aquarium. BTW, Oxford English and American Heritage dictionaries say that "YAY" is correct. "Yea" is still good, but outdated. Yeah, I'm a geek.

  8. What a fun photo of your husband. I do not like to try this fish either...brrr. Like your 'pimped' package.