Sunday, October 27, 2013

Mieko Chan

Welcome back to our 2nd day of introductions!  Yesterday we introduced Hideo to you and today we have a little girl to add to our collection... Meet Mieko!

Mieko is named after my husband's grandmother.  Grandma K. or as my daughter calls her "Bachan" is just as sweet as this image.  Whenever I think of Grandma, I always think of New Years.  Every new years, we go to her house and make mochi.  (No, we don't pound- but more on that tomorrow!).  My husband's family still follows a bunch of New Year's traditions that I don't remember our family ever following, so when I moved to Hilo, it was all new to me.  I really appreciate that I was able to learn some of the cultural traditions from his family and are able to pass it down to our daughter.

On to my card... This is another sample I made for the retailers.  I really like that you can paper piece the clothes onto the image, so I used one of the Hanko papers again.  I guess you can say I'm on a paper piecing kick!  Followed the same pattern that I used on the Hideo card, but cutting strips of washi and blocked them on the card to make a simple background.  Then added an Island Scrapbooking laser cut sentiment.

Here's a closer look at Mieko.

Want a chance to win Mieko?!  Here's all you ahve to do:
1)  Leave a comment on THIS POST by 11:59pm HST on 10/31/13; and
2)  Tell me what new year's traditions you follow... 


  1. Mieko is so adorable and she reminds me of my best friend's daughter who is also named Mieko. On New Year's, my filipino family's tradition is to have Guinataang, (halo halo), or lechon, (roast pig). Thanks for giving us a chance to win. :)

  2. Mieko is super cute too. I love how you colored her hair and did some paper piecing for her clothes. Did you purchase the washi paper for your cards when you were in Japan?

    For my family's New Year's traditions my hubby's side usually has lunch at their grandma's house. One of the main dishes is the Buddha's Feast. For my side of the family we have a 10 course meal at a Chinese restaurant. At both gatherings we pass out red envelopes with money inside. On my side of the family we also give each other pastries. I of course add a handmade New Years tag to our pastry container. My hubby, our kids, and I always wear our Chinese clothes to the luncheon and dinner.

    Thanks for a chance to win Mieko!

  3. Mieko is adorable ~ I love her pigtails; she reminds me of my little granddaughter!!

    On New Year's we have a feast of Japanese foods ... when I was a little girl, I remember one of my aunts saying that we should eat a little bit all day. I'm really not sure why, but to this day, I try to have a lot of food prepared ... sushi, sukemono, sashimi, crab, shrimp, miso shiru, chicken katsu or teriyaki, noodles, plus udon. My mom always makes nishime; I don't really care for it, but my husband loves it! Traditions!!

  4. Mieko is adorable. Love the layout of the card. We stay home New Years, too many DUI drivers out there. I usually bake a New Year's Bread with a coin in it. Hubby is Greek and the bread is cut at midnight. The one getting the coin has luck for the year.

  5. Adorable! Love her!! So cute her expression as she eats her mochi ball. ^.^
    There are a couple traditions:
    Cleaning the house before the new year. Getting rid of the old stuff to make room for the new. Going to the japanese market to shop. Eating Nishime which as I grow older I have come to enjoy. On NYD we go to my friend's parents house for a big NY/Bday party with tons of food, desserts family and friends. Always look forward to that day.

  6. Mieko is adorable! We usually go to my in-laws for Oden to celebrate New Years.

  7. OMG Mieko is adorable!!! I LOVE her! Well actually I love all your stamps. I'm Japanese and my hubby is Korean so usually on New Years we eat Korean dduk (mochi) soup for lunch and we go visit my hubby's aunties and uncles then for dinner we go to my Jiichan's house and our whole family eats mochi soup and PARTIES!!! My Jiichan parties hard - sake bombs! lol

  8. Mieko is so sweet looking! The new year's traditions we follow are having a family dinner to close the year and a brunch to open the year with specific foods that have meaning.

  9. OMG.... Meiko is so cute! Love her! I don't have any traditions until Chinese New Year comes around and then i clean the house from top to bottom!

  10. She's super cute. Our tradition is to eat soba just before midnight.

  11. Mieko is very cute. Love the paper piercing. We don't really have too many New Year's traditions. We use to go over a friend's home and celebrate but since the guy past away, we don't go there anymore. Probably just have a family dinner with my parents and siblings every New Year's.

  12. Mieko is so sweet! Our New Year's traditions have evolved over the years, but we do ozoni, ikebana and New Year's decorations, kazari mochi, and of course fireworks! :)