Monday, October 28, 2013

Mochi Pounding Calendar

Time for our last introductory post!  Our final image for the year is a New Year's tradition till today.  I'm really not sure if they still actually pound mochi in Japan, but I'm aware of families that still practice this custom here in Hawaii.  I think it's really cool that people will go through all that time and effort to make mochi.  To find out more about mochi pounding check out this link...

Until I moved to Hilo, I never knew anyone that really made mochi.  Even going to my husband's grandmother's house to make mochi using the machine was a big deal to me as I have never made mochi before.  I guess it's not just the mochi itself, it's everything that goes with it.... Going to Bachan's, eating Jook before we start making the mochi.  Now the tradition has moved to my mother-in-law's house, but we pretty much do the same thing.  I remember not knowing "how" to form them correctly, but I guess I've graduated since most of the seasoned mochi makers have moved away.  Luckily my sister-in-law always comes home for New Year's, so we end up forming most of the patties.  See!?

As you can see, we are not mochi pounders...  we cheat and use machines...

We've gotten creative over the years.. not only do we make regular mochi and mochi with an, we've graduated to peanut butter, peanut butter and chocolate, and snickers... I think I see some cookie butter mochi in our future this year.  See how much fun we have?

For all the more traditionalists.. this stamp is for you!  I gotta say, this stamp is quite large, so it will fill up an A2 sized card no problem!  I fussy cut the image, but you could probably separate the two kids if you wanted to.  Decide to turn this card into an easel calendar.  Added a 2014 laser cut by Island Scrapbooking and a mini calendar to hold the easel up.

Here's a closer look at the image.

And of course, after all that hard work, we eat the mochi!  Here's one of the other traditions of New Year's that we follow.  You are supposed to eat Ozoni or mochi soup in the new year.  Many families eat it right at midnight, but we usually wait till the next morning to eat our soup.  Mmmmm....  I guess one of these days I need to find out how to make this.

Now I want some soup!  Want to thank my sister-in-law for taking all of these photos.  Photo credit- Stefanie Sakamoto.

 If you would like a chance to win this image, all you have to do is:
1)  Leave a comment on THIS POST by 11:59pm HST by 10/31/13; and
2)  Tell me if you've ever made mochi... if so, do you pound?


  1. Nice calendar! I've never made mochi, I did participate in the pounding once at a gala diner, and I've never eaten mochi in a salted dish, only in sweet black sesame or red bean filled balls...

  2. Never made mochi or pounded it out but I've eaten a lot of it! ^.^
    I love this series!! Love the calendar idea, super cute!! ;)

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    1. I remember many moons ago my uncles and dad would take turns pounding the mochi in the backyard while my grandmother would mix the rice ... then my mom made it in the mochi machine ... but now I buy it from the store ... how sad. Cute calendar!

  4. love this project! these would make cute gifts! have you tried to put fruits in your mochi? we use strawberries.

  5. What a great project for a cute stamp set. I always like reading about the traditions that people have. No, I've never made mochi, but love eating it. My favorites are the peanut butter ones, the chocolate ones, and the pumpkin ones.

  6. I have never made mochi but wouldn't mind trying. I will be getting the chance soon, since I'll be volunteering for the church that my son will be playing basketball for.

  7. That is such a pretty calendar! A great idea for a New Year's present! I've never made mochi. Actually I thought my baachan did for the longest time when I was little until my mom told me that she actually just bought them at the store and put them on a pretty plate. That's okay though, my baachan is awesome cuz she always saved the pink mochi just for me! ^^

  8. This is such a cute idea for a stamp series! I've made mochi, but have never pounded mochi.

  9. Yes I have made mochi but no pounding...are you kidding me...that's way too much work for me.

  10. I make mochi every year with my family, but we don't pound. We use the machines.

  11. Love the images and calendar. I never made mochi before.

  12. Love your calendar and I love, love, love this image! I've made mochi, but only the microwave kind and using a mochi machine. Wish our family had a tradition of doing it the old fashioned way. :)