Monday, May 5, 2014

Happy Boy's Day!

Just about 2 years ago we released Katsura!  This is still my go to image for Boy's Day since he's carrying the traditional koi that is hung over your house if you have boys.  I haven't colored up this image in a very long time, so it was nice to see my old pal again!

Decided to do a gatefold card... Haven't done one of those in a long time either! Love the washi paper used on the card by Hanko Designs.  It's very masculine and nice to use as a background since its not that busy.

I had to pull reference on how to color up the koi since I haven't done it in awhile.  Do you ever do that?  I have to do that a lot for our images since my sister takes a lot of care and attention to traditional Japanese ways, so I try to do the same.

Hope you have a great Boy's Day! 


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