Monday, June 30, 2014

Crafty Shave Ice!

Before I get into my project (which I'm super excited to share with you today), I just wanted to thank our guest designer... Rina "Scrapstress" for working so hard on all of her projects to make this release extra special...
And of course, I can't forget my design team right?  I love you guys!  Thank you for ALWAYS working so hard to make our releases so fun and inspiring.  Please check out everyone's blog and give them some love!
Now.. I'm so excited to share my project with you today.  Here's what I started off with....

Yep, those were paper mache cupcake boxes that I had in my storage buried in my closet.  I was so happy to find them and knew exactly what I wanted to make with them...

Ta daaaaaaa!  I made crafty shave ice!  No, you can't eat it, but it sure looks ono!  See, it's also a box, so you can put little goodies inside!

And here's a close up of Anuhea with her shave ice. I want to say its blue vanilla and strawberry.

Here's how I made them.. First I gesso'd the outside and inside with 2 coats.  Then I did a coat of regular white acrylic paint. 

After those all dried, it was time to make the shave ice!  I used regular acrylic paint and painted each shave ice and blended it inbetween so it looked like real shave ice.

After that dried, I gave it a coat of glossy accents and added a coat of Martha Stewart coarse glitter like I did on the image's shave ice.

Then I cut down a paper straw and hot glued it to the crafty shave ice!  Here's a better look at Ekahi!

I think he's eating banana and blue vanilla.

And can't forget Leilani with the Rainbow shave ice!

Poor thing spilled hers.  Hope you don't spill your's!

All right crafty peeps!  By the time you read this I will have returned home from my trip.  But there's still time left to enter our giveaway!  Go back to the introductory posts and check them out!  And don't forget to like us on Facebook.. we sometimes do surprise giveaways and share links to all of your projects that we find online!


  1. You're so innovative! It looks delish!

  2. Oh my gosh this is one of the cutest projects ever! I would totally love to make some of these as party favors. Sooo adorable!!!

  3. OMGoodness! These are just too cute for words! Love them :)

  4. OMG Jenny that has got to be the cutest thing I've ever seen! It looks so real and so stinkin' adorable!!!! You are an amazing crafter. I love everything you make! Big hugs, Christine

  5. Hoooo so darn cute Jenny! Love how you matched everything. What a great idea for this release you always pull out the awesome projects! So very cool!!