Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Meet Mitsuyo!

All I can say is "Phew!".  In case you are unaware... I'm suffering from internet withdrawals!  Ha ha ha ha ha!  Yes, I'm addicted to the internet and didn't realize just how much until we lost service this past week.  I thought it was ok until I realized that I wasn't going to be able to post anything for our newest release!

Now that I have temporary internet access (aka Starbucks), I'm able to share at least one project with you.  Please be patient as my posting schedule may be off due to my ability to access the internet.  Let's just pray that I can regain internet access by mid week... (right Oceanic?)

Until then, here's my first introductory post... meet Mitsuyo!  My Aunty's middle name is Mitsuyo and I recently got to spend some time with her earlier this year.  She is awesome!  She is older than my mom but still acts really young. I think this image captures her young spirit!

Let me give you some background on this image...  My sister and I were discussing possible images for upcoming releases.  One of the images we discussed was having a crane image for our growing collection.  She did some research and came up with this cute rendition of the dancing cranes.  Instead of the crane dancing with other cranes, she made the crane dancing with Mitsuyo.  Click here for more dancing crane images...

On to my project... I have been immersed in craft fair prep over the last couple of months.  One of my main things I specialize in is calendars.  Every year I try to make different types of calendars to offer variety.  This is my newest calendar that I came up with this year.  Last year, I made these in a 12" x 12" size.  While I still make those, I decided to add a 8 1/2" x 11" size this year. Although the image comes where the girl and crane are connected in one image, you can always split them up as I have done here...

Here's a better look at the crane.  I accented it's wings with gold Smooch (my favorite for gold accents).

Forgot to mention that the washi paper used is by Hanko Designs... you can find this and a large variety of washi paper on their website.  (Thanks Hanko!)

I have more project shares coming up the rest of this week so check back soon to see my other creations.

Oh yes, and don't forget to check out our YouTube Channel!  Here's the link- please subscribe for additional project information, upcoming release, giveaways and more!  So excited to finally have another way of sharing stuff with all of you!

Here's the link to my project video:


And... if you would like a chance to win our Mitsuyo stamp:
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  1. No, I didn't even know sister stamps had a yt channel!! I will check it out ASAP!! Mitsuyo is sooo cute!! And the crane is so pretty!! And I totally think I have an Internet problem too!! Hahaha I can't imagine not having Internet for a DAY!! Hahaha

  2. Too cute stamps. Love the dancing cranes. Thank you for including the links. I don't think that i knew about the you tube.

  3. Great calendar! Love the touch of gold on the crane! I don't check my Youtube channels very often...

  4. I'm already a subscriber to the Sister Stamps YouTube channel - and am excited about seeing more projects. Love the playful, happy spirit of the Mitsuyo stamp. :)

  5. Love your coloring and all of the gold accents. I'm not really into YouTube, but I'll definitely check out your channel.

  6. Your project and new release is very cute. I just subscribed to the Sister Stamp's YouTube Channel. I look forward to getting some fun ideas. I sure hope that your internet is working soon.

  7. what no internet?!! Yikes!! Glad there are places you can go to, Starbucks, to get your fix.
    Adorable project Jenny!! Mitsuyo is so cute and the crane... Love it!! Your sis is awesome!!
    Definitely a follower of the YT channel although I'm really bad and watching it. :)

  8. These are wonderful! I do subscribe to your new You Tube videos but sometimes forget to watch. I'm going to go now and see what's new :) I do love Sister Stamps!!! This crane and little Mitsuyo are just adorable :)

  9. Really nice images that u came out for this release. And I have subscribed to u on YouTube. The next time I make a video with a sister stamp I will tell my subscribers to go over to your YouTube channel. Hope that will help u to grow your YouTube channel. I have made many videos using sister stamps and all my subscribers love your stamp sets. I hope by my recommendation and my shout they will buy sister stamps and they will jump over to your YouTube page. Thanks

  10. This is a great release with Mitsuyo and the Crane...and Ai-chan! Gotta love calendars and this is for the whole year at-a-glance which is great!

  11. Love Mitsuyo and yes I'm subscribed to your youtube channel. I love watching the videos.