Thursday, March 7, 2024

Meet Our Kane (Male) Hula Dancer!

So I have a confession to make.. its been quite awhile since I've blogged.  I even forgot how to get into my account and posted on the wrong page!  This re-launch of Sister Stamps has forced me to get back to blogging and re-learn how to do posts, etc.  Its amazing how quickly you can forget something!  Its not even that hard to do, but I had to re-think how to upload images etc.  

So now that you've had a good laugh.... let's meet another new image.  This handsome buggah is the newest addition to the family and it features a male hula dancer!  Just in time for Merrie Monarch!  On the big island, where I'm from, we host the Merrie Monarch Festival, where hula halaus from around the world come to compete in a hula competition.  There are several categories in the competition, including Kane (male) categories featuring Kahiko, or more traditional hula style, or Auwana, which is more of the modern style.  Our stamp is dressed in more traditional kahiko style costume, complete with the haku and wristlets.  For both cards, I tried watercoloring again and utilized the extras in the stamp set to create backgrounds.  Its not easy these days to find Hawaiian print papers, so its great that the set includes these options.

 I kept it very simple since I felt like it matches the image better.  Sometimes a simple, one layer card is best.  Please check back tomorrow for our last image introduction!  And don't forget to visit my Youtube channel and leave a comment for a chance to win one of two stamp sets from this release (US only please).

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