Tuesday, March 5, 2024

Miyoko Is Back!

Welcome back to more re-relase goodness!  I have to admit that I totally forgot what this stamp's name is!  Yikes!  I feel like a bad parent.  I actually had to go into the archives of this blog to see that her name is Miyoko!  How could I forget??  I named her after my best friend!!  We met in 7th grade and are still BFF's till today!  I'm so grateful to have such a good friend after all these years and I'm so happy that they decided to re-release this image!  It's like seeing an old friend again!

OK back to the cards.  As mentioned in yesterday's post... I started out trying to watercolor the images.  I actually really like how everything came out on this first card, except for her hair.  I think I still like the way the hair comes out using the copic markers, but I really like the blending on the parasol and the sentiment!  Speaking of parasol.... I wanted to feature all of the different images included in this set!  The original stamp had Miyoko holding a cupcake since it was our birthday release.  Since then, my sister removed the cupcake and added in other images that you could swap out and make her hold instead.  I wanted to show you all the options this gives since it let's you decide how you want to use the image!

In this first card, I added in the parasol and made it look like she was peeking out from behind it.  You will need to cut out the parasol and then adhere it over her.  In this card, I added some foam tape for dimension.  I felt like there was too much white space, so I added in some flower sequins to fill it up.

This next card is also done in watercolor. I didn't want to place the sentiment going straight across the card, so I decided to make it diagonal and thought it added more interest and filled up the empty space.  Before adhering it down, I watercolored a small area so that the word could be placed over it.  I liked the result cause it added more color to the card.  Then I went to my sequin stash and added in a butterfly and a trail of flowers.  In this card, I made her holding the fan, which is another stamp in the set.

The next card is very similar in layout.  I again added some watercolor behind the sentiment.  Then added in some sequins around it.  I chose the word celebrate since she's holding the cupcake- which was the original design.  See how versatile this set is now?!

Ok now for the copic colored images. Look at the difference between the card above and the card below!  I'm amazed how nice the hair comes out with the alcohol markers.  On this card, I printed the sentiment on the computer and mounted it on washi paper.  I again used stickles- this time I used Stardust, which is an iridescent glitter.  It gives it just the right touch without taking away from the image or washi paper.  Then I added in more flower senquins to fill the blank space.  Love how this card came out compared to the watercolored ones.

I think this last card is my favorite.. probably because I love red washi paper. I had found these washi paper flowers that I had die cut awhile ago in my stash.  I had made a similar background in a Valentine's Day card for my husband, and wanted to do something similar for this card.  Since the washi flowers had a busy print, I decided to keep the sentiment simple by adding in one of my computer printed sentiment strips.  In this card, she's holding a fan.


Please check out my video below featuring these projects.  And don't forget to leave a comment on the video for a chance to win a set of the new release (US only please).  Our previous post has links to the shops where you can order this release from.  See you tomorrow!!

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  1. I love how you can change the way Miyoko looks by changing what she’s holding! Absolutely adorable!