Monday, February 27, 2012

Daba Treats

Ohayogozaimasu!   Welcome to our release week where we share our Release #6 projects with you!  As usual, Debi will be helping me out this release (thanks Debi!) along with our very special guest designer!!  Any guesses?  Well, I'm a HUGE fan of her's and originally asked her to help me out with an earlier release, but it worked out better that she help us with this one.  Here's a hint.... she loves BUNNIES!  Ok... go check her out here... and then come back and read the rest of this post.

BTW- if you haven't entered to win our Release #6 stamps yet, check out our introductory posts for each image and follow the rules on the Akemi post.  I got a kick out of reading everyone's "daba" and Easter stories, so thank you for sharing them!

 I have another Daba story to share... On Akemi's first trip to Disneyland, we allowed her to take Daba with us.  He accompanied her all through the Magic Kingdom and she even figured out how to transport him around without having to really hold onto him.  She zipped up her jacket and kept his head popped out so he could see- just like a baby kangaroo.  Here's my sis w/Akemi- see how Daba's peeking out?

 More evidence... You can see Daba's ear's peeking out of her jacket in this photo w/Minnie.

Well, after all that fun, we were heading home.  I was exhausted and was pretty much falling asleep at the airport.  I guess both me and my husband were not paying attention, cause when we got on the plane, we did a "Daba check" and couldn't find him!  My husband decided to get off the plane and look for Daba.  Luckily he came back w/Daba in hand before the flight took off.  He found Daba at Security.  Good thing no one took him or they didn't throw him away!  What a good Daddy yah?

Ok, enough Daba stories.  You want to see projects! So I was doing a bit of experimenting to see what Easter treats will fit nicely into these candy stick bags.  I LOVE these bags- can you tell?  Easter is particularly fun since the Easter colors are so pleasing to the eye.  Since Daba is smaller than the rest of our stamps, he fits really nicely on top of the stick bags.  Right now I'm liking the Cadbury Mini Eggs the best (mmmmmm... Mini Eggs!) I think it's cause of their color.  I like how the jelly beans fit nicely but I didn't like the colors too much. I think last year's regular M&Ms were the best.  I'll have to go find a bag of those now.

Here's a close up of the Daba's.  I even added in some grass and dot flowers to the scene cause he looked a little lonely.  Do you like my chickies?  I found them at Ben Franklin.  They wanted to jump in the picture... or did they just want the chocolate?

So my best idea that I wasn't able to execute was to put bunny Peeps into the stick bags!  I tried it on the widest bag, but they didn't fit!  Bummer.  I thought I bought a wider one, but couldn't find it.  Hopefully I find them before Easter!

Anyway, hope you enjoyed today's project.  Check back tomorrow and Wednesday on this blog, Debi's blog and our Guest Designer's blog for more Release #6 fun!  Oh...and Debi might have some candy... I'm just sayin.


  1. fun candy sticks! and yummy too! so glad you were able to find DABA! my son lost his little teddy when he was 2, we couldn't find him, so we got an exact replacement, but he knew! so we ended up getting him "baby brother" of his little teddy! and that made him happy again! ;D

  2. cute little easter treats! i didn't realize those bags came in different sizes!

  3. Ok, all my posts are gonna start with this: OMG! This is so cute! And dang! Those chickies are SUPER CUTE! Can't wait to go shopping on Saturday!!!

  4. LOL! My teenager wanted to buy those chicks to put on our dining room table! LOL! Daba looks super cute on the candy sticks. I think he is my fave of the new releases. That is really sweet that your DH went to retrieve Daba at the airport. I know my honey would probably do the same for our little one. Aren't some Dads just great? LOL

  5. Such cute candy favors! I think Daba is my favorite, and I love the story behind the image! So glad Daba was rescued, too!

  6. Cute candy favors Jenny! Daba adds a really fun touch to the bags. Love his expression, like he's got a secret.
    So happy Daba was rescued, and I'm sure he was really glad to be back in Akemi's jacket. hehe
    Thanks for sharing the pictures and that story!

  7. Great story!!! so cute to see Daba hiding in her jacket!! priceless memories!!

    Love the treats... have to agree, the colors of the mini cadbury eggs are egg-cellent! bright and bold... but who cares, all the treats you egg-periment with are yummy... =) thanks for sharing some Daba stories!!

  8. Your daughter is so cute, and so are these treats! Where do you buy the little stick bags from?