Saturday, February 25, 2012

Introducing... Masa!

 So are you liking our new release images?  Hope you are enjoying them so far.  Our last image for this release is a little boy named Masa.  Masa is named after one of our friend's son.  He is a good kid that listens and doesn't give any problems.  I guess this image reminded me of him since the image is being nice to the bunny.  The real Masa is always nice to Akemi even though he is much older than she is, and takes the time to include her, when others his age would probably think she's a pest.

Masa is our only true Easter image.  The rest of the images in this release can be used for other things, but the eggs just make unmistakeably Easter.  Although, I'm sure you could do some altering and change it up a bit so that it wasn't so Easter-ish.  Hmmmm, got myself thinking now!  Hopefully I can come up with something soon to surprise you.

 On to the project... I'm not sure why, but for some reason, these milk cartons remind me of Easter.  Is it because Robin Eggs always come in cartons?  Whatever it may be, I felt compelled to match up Masa with the carton. This particular carton was cut from a Sizzix Pro die, which is larger than your standard pint sized milk cartons you get with school lunch.

After I colored and cut out Masa, I popped him up using some pop dots.  Then I looked at the carton and the top looked to empty.  I tried going through all my dies and punches to see what would work and I settled on this banner stamp set by Lawn Fawn.  Inside the flags, I stamped "Happy"... mainly because "Easter" wouldn't fit (not enough space on the face of the carton). I think it worked out OK.

Here's a close up of Masa and the bunny... since the carton was green Doodlebug paper, I decided to go with yellow grass instead.  The grass was punched out using the Martha Stewart grass boarder punch- one of my absolute faves!  Afterall, aren't Easter baskets filled with grass that is all different colors?  Even though I tend to buy green grass, I see it come in pink, purple, and yellow too.

Ok I gotta share a funny Easter story with you.  One year I must've been REALLY bad. I don't recall what it was exactly that I did, but I remember being told that I was soooo naughty that the Easter Bunny would probably not come that year... I guess I WAS bad since he never showed up!  What a bummer.  Believe me, I was really good every year after that!

So, now that you've met all of the new releases, time for more candy!

1.  Follow the directions on the Akemi introductory post.  Remember to leave a comment on this post by 2/29/12 11:59pm HST.
2.  Tell me what your favorite Easter or Spring memory is. I can't wait to hear!


  1. Aw, very very cute! Masa reminds me of my older brother (who's name is Charles Masanobu, "Mas" for short.) He is always nice to everyone. I love the milk carton and really need to get some kind of template for it. The banner is a nice touch and your coloring is awesome! Sorry to hear the Easter bunny didn't come that year, how sad that must have been. :(
    This release has been super cute and I'm looking fwd to getting my hands on them. TFS!!
    Have a nice weekend!

  2. This is another cute image and a fabulous spring card.

    The best part at Easter for me (a very long time ago) was going on a choclate egg hunt in my granma's garden. I would have to fight with my brother and sister but it was such a laugh. I remember getting "upset" everytime someone shouted "I found one" lol.

    Thank you for a fab release. Hugs, Mette

  3. cute project! i love that banner and the coloring is great too! easter sometimes falls near my birthday so i remember my parents coming home from work with a cute chocolate bunny cake for my bday. they hardly ever bought cakes so that was a real treat.

  4. Love the new image! My favorite Easter is the year that
    my parent hid eggs in our backyard and we has to look for them! But the best part was eating all of the eggs! So much fun- I think I was 5 years old and the my 3 younger brothers at ages: 4,3, and a 1 year old!

  5. Ooh! Masa boy is so cute! I really can't wait to get this release! You did a great job on the milk carton and I love that banner! So, my favorite Easter memory is this: I used to have a calabash aunty who worked at Kress Store in Kaimuki when I was little. She and her hubby never had children, so I was the lucky one. Every year, she would give me the biggest Easter basket, filled with candies, toys, and as I got older, money! Those were the days ... hope you're having a great weekend! xoxo, Kimmie

  6. Love love LOVE this stamp!

    When my brother and I were little, my mum (who dables with cake decorating) used to make us icing easter eggs that were decorated and hollow in the middle. Inside the egg she would place a little figureen/ordament: for me it was always a little animal. They were 100 times better then the standard chocolate egg and meant so much more to us as they were made with love by our mum xx

  7. Just adorable! Favorite Easter memory? Those big, cello-phaned Easter baskets with a stuffed bunny, coloring book, and lots of goodies inside. You know the one you can get from Longs with the big bow all along the top aisle? Loved them! …Absolutely refuse to get them for my own kids tho', lol! I always put their baskets together myself choosing which toys and goodies go inside. :o)

    Oh and jello eggs. Still love them to this day!

  8. Masa sure is sweet, sharing his Easter treats with Daba! My favourite Easter memory is that of a few years ago when I woke up and my roommate had set up an Easter egg hunt for me in our apartment! I never got much as a child, so she wanted to give me this to enjoy now. :)

  9. So adorable - Masa and the bunny are super cute! Hmmm my favorite Easter memory would be last year - the first year that we did an Easter egg hunt for my little girl. She was so cute running around the house discovering all her eggs and putting them in her bunny basket - and then even cuter sitting at the table opening them all up and giggling with glee at her Easter loot! We took lots of pictures :) Thanks for the chance to win Masa!

  10. Love the Masa image and the milk carton!
    I have lots of memories of past Easters, this particular one I must share since Daba is part of the release. One Easter, my family hosted at our house. All of us kids (I think I was only 4 at the time) were in the middle of our egg hunt when my uncle came over with a large brown box. He walked to the middle of the lawn with the box and took out what was in the box and laid it on the grass. All of us kids stopped egg hunting. Just what was "it"? Why, it was a white bunny. A real bunny! And he brought it for me and my brother. I couldn't believe it (I don't think my parents could either!) but I was so happy.

  11. Masa is so cute - and I'm happy to finally find an Easter stamp that I can use for my nephews. My favorite Easter memory is about my grandpa. He always had to buy us the biggest things - so we always anticipated the huge Easter basket (with the biggest chocolate eggs, etc.) we would get from him. Somehow, he always put a pair of rubber slippers in the Easter basket - and even though the basket and all the things inside were huge, the slippers were always too small. :)

  12. Too cute! Reminds me of my son when he was younger. My fav Easter memory would be 2 years ago that he rather get the golden egg that had $10 in side insead of trying to the most. He try so hard looking for it passing all the other eggs. Well he manage to find it and got it. I was hoping he would get some treats so I can snack on them. Lol As he gets older he's not into coloring Easter egg. He's growing up so fast :( but looking forward for this Easteras I have lots of lil cousin and nephews and nieces to make some treats for them.

  13. Love the milk carton and Masa is so cute!

  14. Again a wonderful stamp!
    My fondest memory would be the big decorate chocolat egg I got from my favorite Uncle at easterday when the whole family got together.

  15. hmmm, i have the SU! milk carton, but i think that would be a tad bit too small for Masa!! maybe i'll have to beg and plea for a big shot pro this Christmas... hehehe!

    Love you creation, and definitely, seeing the milk carton reminds of of robin's eggs, or whoppers!! yum! colors are fun, playful and 'springy'... =)

    funny that you ask about a spring/Easter memory while showcasing Masa because growing up, Easter was mostly celebrated at my Uncle Masa's house... LOL... because one of the kids would always peek out the window, we had to wait in Uncle Masa's tool/heater/lawnmower/bike shed while the adults hid the eggs... this space could have not been more than a 10x10 area, no windows, and about 8 kids sardined together.... LOL... fun memories....