Friday, March 1, 2013

Miyoko Book Bag and Charm

Happy Aloha Friday!  I'm off today so I thought I'd post something to entertain you...

My sister is the artist, but dabbles in crafting once in awhile.  I guess she got bit by the crafting bug for the holidays and made a bunch of these bags as gifts for family.  She's very well versed on the computer, so all of her work was primarily done there.  She altered Miyoko a bit by taking away her cupcake and added in a parasol.  Love it!  She found some canvas bags while in America, so she printed the image onto some transfers and ironed them onto the bag.

Here's a closer look at Miyoko...

And her real love is beading, so she added a matching charm!  She knows I love hearts, so she used a heart clasp for this one..

And here's a close up of Miyoko.  The charm was made using some heart shaped marbles/glass we found at Ben Franklin here in Hawaii.

She made a few more, so I'll check if she has more photos to share.  I know she gave one to my mom, so I'll try to get a photo the next time I go home.  Until then, wanted to let you know to check our facebook page regularly to see what other Sister Stamp fans come up with!  You can visit our page here...


  1. Awesome bag and super cute matching charm.

  2. that is so stinkin' cute! love them! maybe you guys could sell some of those bags???

  3. Adorable bag and charm! I agree with Eva, sell them.

  4. So super cute Jenny! Yep - agree with the ladies - they need to be sold! xoxo, Kimmie