Sunday, June 16, 2013

Galaxy's Best Father...

It's Father's Day!  Hope all the Daddy's out there is having a great day.  My husband is out running (yes he wants to do that) and had to go to a meeting (booooo!  who has a meeting on Father's Day?!).. Anyway, we are waiting for him to come home so we can take him to see Man of Steel.  He's been talking about going to see that for awhile now, so I thought we'd treat him to that on his special day.

While waiting, I decided to make him a card. He's a geek to the core- majoring in Star Wars.  Akemi is a geek in training, majoring in Harry Potter.  I'm also a geek but sometimes I have to turn in my geek card because even Akemi schools me on the intricate details of all things geeky.

Akemi has always been Paul's little Princess... Leia that is!  See!

See! See!.. Vader's little princess...

Even though Akemi is older now... she's still Daddy's little princess...  Here's what I came up with...

Used Miyako since she was holding a heart and her hair is in pig tails.  Instead of coloring up the pig tales, I just colored over it and made little buns on the side of her head so she looked more like Leia.  In the Star Wars movie where she has the buns, her outfit is very plain.  Had some issues with the kimono since it has a heart pattern on it, which didn't make it look quite right.  So I improvised and paper pieced another kimono over it by carefully stamping the outline of the kimono.  If any ink got on the inside pattern, I just wiped it with a baby wipe.  It seemed to do the trick.  After stamping the plain kimono, I cut it out and pieced it over Miyako's kimono to get the effect I wanted.

I found this cool Star Wars themed stamp set by Jaded Blossom... that I've been dying to use!!!  I've been cleaning my craft room and stumbled on it again, so I made a note to self to remember to use it for Father's Day.

 I also used one of the stamps for the inside of the card... It's so funny since he tries to talk like Yoda...

Well hope you liked my card and hope you are having a good Father's Day!  One last share... Here's the card Akemi made for her Daddy... Spot on right??!


  1. Cute pix and card. OMGosh, Akemi is a gifted artist...really looks like her daddy. :-)

  2. Both cards are awesome! So clever how you turned Miyako into a little Leia.

  3. super cute card! love it! happy father's day to paul! love akemi's card!

  4. Love the card!! Great idea and those sentiment stamps are awesome!! Great card Akemi!! It's his doppelganger. hahaha! have a great time and Happy Father's day to Paul!

  5. awe that is Gorgeous!!! love your card!!!

  6. The best Father's Day card Paul could ask for! Akemi is talented like her Mom. What a great job, Akemi... surely looks like your Daddy! Happy Father's Day, Paul!

  7. that is such a great idea!