Sunday, June 23, 2013

My Kiki

Hi Sister Stampers!!!!  Woo Hoo!  Still can't believe we are coming up on our 2nd birthday!!!  Yay!!!  It seems like we just started our little company and now we are on our 15th Release!!!!  Yowza!

For this special release, I chose to share some special friends with you.  We've had a lot of great response whenever we have animals in our release images, that I asked (make that begged) my sister for some domestic animals.  I really really really wanted a dog image.  Let me introduce you to my dog Kiki...

Yikes- that's an old photo of me!  Yes, we got our Kikigirl for Christmas the year we got married. I couldn't wait till we bought our own house so I could get my very own dog!  I really wanted a red haired daschund.  My friend's mom had a long haired red daschund (Pixie) that I just loved to death and really wanted one of my own.  So my husband bought Kiki for me for Christmas that year.  I don't think you can tell, but I put her in my stocking- that's how small she was!

I call Kiki my first child, cause that's what she is.   We had her for about 3 years before my daughter came along....

Then she got grouchy... cause she was no longer the only child!   I'll share more about that later...  

We found out that Kiki was really an alpha dog.  That really made things difficult in the house, because I am the alpha female (just ask my husband), so we battled it out, and I think she finally knows that I'm the boss.  (or does she?)

No wonder we are both alpha females.. we are born on the same day!

The thing about Kiki is that she's REALLY REALLY SMART!  You can see it in her eyes.  She looks into your eyes and tries to figure you out... can I get this person to give me food?  Hmmmm, maybe if I try barking... No?  Ok let's try giving them the guilt trip by giving them the sad doggie face...  She scans the room and her radar can detect who will give up the food the easiest.  My mom has to go in another room so that Kiki doesn't cast her spell on her. See how she tilts her head?  She's trying to figure out what you are saying...

So this is what happens when Kiki gets a stuffed animal.... Mission Unstuff!

A-ha!  Caught in the act!!!!

She knows better than to mess with Daba... she settles on snuggling w/Daba instead.

No matter what type of mischief she gets into, Kiki is still my doggie and I don't know what we'll do without her!

Wow- that was a lot about Kiki, but she is my first child after all... On to the project....
I had done a copic class last month and used Kiki to demonstrate blending to white using your copics. I love that technique and really should use it more often.  I decided to keep the card simple since the focus was on coloring.

The reason why I chose this image to name Kiki is because she always tilts her head when she's trying to figure out what you are saying.  Especially when she hears key words like "walking", "let's go", etc.  She is really asking... "Am I coming too?"

So... time for some Kiki candy!  (no not doggie biscuits)... here's all you have to do:
1.  Leave a comment on THIS POST by 06/30/13 11:59 HST; and
2.  Tell me if you have a dog and what you love most about him/her. Can't wait to hear!


  1. Your Kiki is too cute (bothe the real one and the stamp!) I don't have a dog at the moment, but I used to have one as a child, and he was a good natured baby sitter!

  2. Aw,Kiki is such a cute stamp! Love your coloring. I have 3 dogs, 2 pugs & 1 mutt. They all have their own uniqueness, but what I love most about them they all love to snuggle. :)

  3. Aww, Loved your story about Kiki:) Love how you personality to the stamps with your stories. Love the stamp! So cute, tilting her head! I don't have any dogs. tfs!

  4. Hee-hee, just had to comment and say I LOVED your story about Kiki. As you know, we have 3 doggies. I love how Buddy lays on his tummy with his 2 back legs stretched a frog. I love how "Ratty" is so affectionate. And Breezy...hmmm, let me think, aside from chewing off one of the mud guards on my hubby's car AND ripping off part of that same car's license plate frame, she's ummmmmm, 'kay got it, she "looks" innocent. LOL. No need to enter me in the drawing.

  5. ohmygosh, i love your new doggie image!!! kiki is so adorable both your doggie and the image!!! i have a doggie too. he's my first child - my doggie son, hehe. we think he's human inside of a doggie's body because he's really smart and he speaks to us through his eyes and actions, hehe. thanks for the chance! i gotta check out all your other new images. have a great day, j! *hugs* and much aloha, steph :)

  6. Awe. Love your Kiki!! Soo cute!! Love your card & new doggie stamp too!!! We have a 1computer yr old basset hound! His name us Bentley. He is a tri color. What I love most is when u take him for a walk he never poops or pees. So no need yo carry a disgusting poop bag around.

  7. Aaaaw, that story is so cute. Our dog Kiko is a poi dog. We named her "spot" in Hawaiian because she is black and white spotted. The thing I like most about her is that she is loyal! Woman's Best Friend!

  8. Awe the doggie is so cute!!!
    I use to have a shitzu named mochi, she was exactly round and fatty like a mochi ball! Sadly, i think the thing i loved most about her was because she was round fat and lazy...

  9. I love your little Kiki story, she is an adorable little dog! I rescue dogs, and have had a few Doxie's and discovered they are a great dog breed. Currently I own 6, yes I said 6 dogs, and one is goofier than the other. Just last week I walked in the kitchen to find one of the 12 lb ones sleeping in the kitchen sink. NO JOKE - she is a terrific jumper and I guess needed to investigate the counter, which leads to the sink.... you can see all my furbabies, plus those I've rescued on my blog

  10. Great stamp. Hoku is the best listener ever. When I get home after a long day at work, she sits next to me on the recliner and listens to my day and helps me de stress. She loves me. Mahalo.

  11. Kiki, the stamp, is adorable with her little ear up as if she listening for something ... Love the story of your Kiki! No dogs in my house, but my step-daughter has one. He is very protective of my little granddaughter!

  12. I just received the year of the dog stamp and that is a 'cutie' tooo.
    The new stamps are wonderful, I'm more a cat person and your Otsu kitty is soooo adorable.
    At the moment no pets in dahouse.
    Our family dog - a Golden retriever - past about 3 years ago to doggie heaven after being with us for over 13 years.

  13. Cute cute cute your story on Kiki and just loving your new stamp! Our Britttany Spaniel has moved onto heaven.

  14. Kiki is adorable! I'm glad you included her cute head tilt. (PS, no doggie here, but maybe someday)

  15. Awww really cute story on how you got your Kiki. I would not want to be the one she sets her eyes on for food I'd probably sneak a bunch of treats! :)
    This series is so doggone cute! Sweet card.

  16. Awwww too cute, Kiki is so adorable and my cousin has the same dog as you. I use to have a Pomeranian /Maltese , past away 5 years ago I miss her. We now have a Siberian husky, we got him a year and a half ago, his name is Blade. He sure is lots of energy and love to walk but instead he is the one taking me for a walk LOL. He is about 45lbs. Hopefully someday I will get a smaller dog. Your new set is so darn cute, I love dogs.