Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Panoramic Easter Egg

Before I get to my project for today, I have some amazing news!  You might have noticed that last month we didn't have a guest designer right? Well, to make up for it, I've asked this talented lady to be our next guest designer!  Totally stoked she likes our stamps and wanted to help us out!!!  So, to see who I'm talking about check out her blog here...  She also has a You Tube Channel that you won't want to miss checking out here...
I still can't believe she's helping us with this release!!  And back again is our regular DT to show us what they got:
Linda is taking a break this month and will be back for our next release!
So when I think if Easter, I am reminded of one of my favorite cartoons growing up.. It's the Easter Beagle Charlie Brown!  My daughter is a total Snoopy fan and loves all of their cartoons.  One of my favorite parts in the Easter Beagle is when snoopy is in the store and looks inside an egg to see all the bunnies dancing around.

My sister recently made some really cool eggs out of her silhouette.  When she posts those, I will link it up here.  I on the other hand have not tried using my silhouette yet (I think I'm scared), so I had to resort to a more manual solution...  I painted an egg I found in the store! LOL!


I know it doesn't look like much, but dang!  This egg took a lot longer to paint than I had anticipated.  I guess it's because the egg was actually made of metal.  The only reason I picked that egg at the store is because it opened up the long way instead of in half the short way.

First I gesso'd it, then added two coats of pink paint.  To add texture, I tried to stencil on it using past and snow tex and glitter.  I think it might been an epic fail, but I'm still learning how to use those mediums.

To help keep it closed, I made a belly band using my chiffon ruffled trim and added a Vicki flower as the focal point.  In the center of the Vicki flower I used one of my pearl bling pieces.  Still trying to use an not hoard!

Here's what the egg looks like when you open it up.

To create the scene, I cut a Styrofoam ball in half and cut it in half again.  Then covered the piece with some lavender satin fabric.  Added a bunch of flowers from downtown LA, Wild Orchid Crafts and Prima.

 Then added in Jade to the scene.  He looks like he's so happy lying in the flower bed!

And here's a closer look!

Check back tomorrow to see my next project!


  1. wow what an awesome project..the bunny does look happy.

  2. He totally looks happy and cozy in that egg! Cuteness!

  3. super cute! i love that egg! i didn't know gesso would work on metal. but metal primer works well.

  4. Love did a dang beautiful job on this egg!

  5. Now this is awesome!! The inside and outside are amazing! You've outdone yourself girl!!

  6. Wow that is so cute! You did an awesome job making that egg! :)